Mainmark Civil & Mining offers an unparalleled range of solutions to re-level and repair ground problems and rehabilitate assets in civil infrastructure, mining, and seismic environments

Mainmark Civil & Mining Services is a subsidiary company of the Mainmark group, a leader in ground engineering and asset preservation solutions for commercial, industrial, civil infrastructure and mining sectors in the Asia Pacific region.

We solve problems with civil and mining infrastructure

Mainmark has completed numerous civil and mining and resources projects, providing effective and economical ground engineering services to the sector for more than 25 years. Our non-invasive technologies raise, re-level and re-support moving and sunken infrastructure. We also have extensive experience with void filling and recovery treatments following a partial collapse, as well as water and gas ingress control.

Mainmark specialises in techniques that deliver results with minimal disruption to the site. Works can often be completed during operational hours, conducted by experienced technicians following site induction procedures. Our innovative solutions minimise safety risks by controlling the potential for hazardous ground movement and instability.

Preserving Assets

Mainmark offers a range of specialist applications for rectifying and preserving structures within the commercial, industrial, residential, heritage, civil engineering, infrastructure and mining sectors.

Our specialised resins and coatings include engineered coatings and linings for large pipes and utility services; high performance water control treatments that can stop fast flowing water quickly in construction and civil projects, as well as in emergency situations, and waterproofing solutions to seal and stabilise water ingress in dry or water-bearing conditions.

Mainmark’s industrial strengthening concrete and steel coatings for building and infrastructure protection are precisely designed and engineered for site-specific needs. All Mainmark solutions are cost effective, quick to apply and non-invasive.

Our solutions enhance the safety and stability of:

We solve problems with mining and resources infrastructure

Mainmark has successfully solved ground engineering problems and provided asset preservation solutions to the mining and resources sector for more than 25 years

We repair damaged foundations and subsidence, stabilise weak ground, fill voids, revitalise ageing assets and pipelines, and provide protection against erosion.

Our solutions restore operations quickly to minimise down time and enhance safety on site:

We are fully licensed

Mainmark Civil & Mining Services meets the Quality Management Systems rating of ISO 9001 and has Government approval to operate in underground coal-mines in NSW.

Mainmark Civil & Mining Services Pty Ltd, ABN 69 165 195 595, and Mainmark Civil & Mining Services (NZ) Limited, NZBN 9429041009222, are part of the Mainmark group of companies