Sunken Hardstands jacked to remove ponding with minimal interruption to logistic operations

Slabs in transport yards and warehouses can be a safety issue for users. when it rains water ponds on the slab and people and vehicles can slip as their travelling through the puddles. Water seeping beneath the slab on clay soils
softens the ground and causes the slab to sink.

The dish in the slab can be jacked back to grade using Teretek slab lifting. The rectified slab is raised to grade so that water falls to the drains.

This slab lifting process uses Teretek resin injection to raise and re-level the concrete pavement cost effectively and with minimal disruption to the warehouse operation.


Experiencing water ponding on sunken slabs?

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We provide nationwide slab lifting service across all industries:

✓ Hardstands: Transport yard slabs lifted to remove ponding.

✓ Warehouses: Dishing of concrete slabs jacked to rectify leaning storage racking.

✓ Carparks: Slabs raised to remove puddles that are a safety concern.

✓ Truck Yards: Re-levelling of concrete slabs to grade so water runs to gutters and drains.

✓ Container Yards: Slab jacking and levelling to improve straddle crane ride and safer container stacks.

Common Causes of Sunken Slabs

Dish slabs are often caused by settlement of soft soils or water seeping into the sub grade.

The vibration from vehicle movements can cause soil to compact and slabs to sink.

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