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Business Solutions

Mainmark are experts in building and infrastructure remediation and repair.

Our solutions offer sustainable and responsible outcomes that focus on preservation rather than replacement. This reduces the need for invasive, lengthy traditional underpinning or asset replacement works, that create environmental challenges in the methods used.

For over 25 years we have specialised in advanced, non-invasive soil stabilisation, ground compaction and foundation repair solutions to improve support for homes, buildings, roads, bridges and other structures affected by subsidence. We treat the ground beneath these structures to raise, re-level and re-support them cost-effectively. We are Licenced Builders and certified to ISO Quality, Environment and O&HS standards.

Latest blog posts

An Innovative Sewer Abandonment Solution

 The early works for Melbourne’s North-East Link project posed a technical challenge: decommissioning the old, recently bypassed sewer pipework below the new motorway. The sewer needed to be filled in a way that removed any risk of collapse once the road was operational.

The use of geophysical testing for Mainmark technologies

When it comes to the use of Mainmark’s technologies, a common question we encounter is “how do you validate your work?”. As ground engineering solutions do not always have visible results, validation testing is an integral part of any project. Geophysical testing provides a suite of tools used in geotechnical engineering to identify the soil

Challenging conventional underpinning

Conventional underpinning using steel and concrete has long been the go-to solution for supporting or strengthening the foundation of an existing house, building or structure for engineering and construction professionals. However, alternative more innovative solutions are challenging the status quo. These methods of stabilising and lifting structures have been in use for more than a