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Business Solutions

Mainmark are experts in building and infrastructure remediation and repair.

Our solutions offer sustainable and responsible outcomes that focus on preservation rather than replacement. This reduces the need for invasive, lengthy traditional underpinning or asset replacement works, that create environmental challenges in the methods used.

For over 25 years we have specialised in advanced, non-invasive soil stabilisation, ground compaction and foundation repair solutions to improve support for homes, buildings, roads, bridges and other structures affected by subsidence. We treat the ground beneath these structures to raise, re-level and re-support them cost-effectively. We are Licenced Builders and certified to ISO Quality, Environment and O&HS standards.

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Holes and Voids - Resi

How climate change may affect your property’s foundations

Climate change is often associated with cataclysmic weather events and temperature changes but it can also have more subtle, long-term effects on our homes. Scientific research over the decades has revealed that the earth’s average temperature has gradually increased due to the greenhouse gases that are trapped in the atmosphere. This is particularly noticeable in

Maintaining culverts – Australia’s vital hidden infrastructure

Culverts are the hidden heroes of the infrastructure sector and while they are often not as prominent as bridges, tunnels and road networks, they are an essential asset that protects, roads, rail and other buildings and structures. Unfortunately, culvert maintenance and repairs are not always prioritised appropriately. Typically, culverts are concrete box sections, corrugated steel

Remediating rather than replacing ageing infrastructure

As our population increases, so does the demand for infrastructure. However, an influx of residents, new development and increased traffic can put a significant strain on infrastructure, particularly in older suburbs surrounding large metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Replacing ageing or damaged assets, such as underground pipes and culverts, is an expensive