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Mainmark Update: COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Mainmark is continuing to monitor government updates, across Australia and New Zealand, as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic continues. We are adhering to advice from relevant authorities and are committed to the ongoing health and wellbeing of all our staff and customers. Rest assured that we are still able to assist in reviewing the subsidence problems around your property or home.

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Problems we solve

Finding the best solution for each ground problem requires an experienced and tailored approach.

Icon2_Cracked Walls

Cracked Walls

Solutions for structural damage due to sinking foundations

Icon1_Sinking Floors

Sinking Floors

Solutions for building subsidence

Icon3_Unlevel Buildings

Unlevel Buildings

Solutions for weak ground and subsidence

Icon4_Ground Instability


Solutions for shifting ground and ground instability


Holes and Voids

Solutions for cracks, crevices and large voids


Earthquake Damage

Solutions for liquefaction mitigation and ground strengthening

We're happy to have helped

“Would you please pass on my sincere thanks to R_____, P___, S____ and L___ and anyone else concerned – you were all very easy to work with and made it easy for me to remotely organise repairs to my property in Tasmania from my home in the Blue Mountains.

I am very happy with the results as reported to me by my tenant.”

Carl, Lucaston, TAS. November 2020

“Your Mainmark 3 employees completed our job this morning. We are astounded at the wonderful results they have achieved. Realignment and lifting the garage floor to perfection to be seen to be believed. Your 3 employees were delightful and we enjoyed them working for us. We would like to compliment on their pleasant and very polite dispositions as us seniors watched with interest. Please thank them for their kindness and understanding and admirable work ethics. We really appreciated them on the job. Many thanks to your whole team for a great job well done from start to finish. Christmas Greetings to you all.”

Jocelyn, Palmerston North, NZ. December 2020

“Our thanks again to you for helping us along in this journey and for your determination to see the job through to ensure that we got the best possible outcome for our home. It’s much appreciated.

D_____ and the Mainmark Onsite Team were absolute gentlemen. They completed the work with kindness, efficiency, and care. I particularly appreciated the fact that D_____ took the time to listen to the issues that we could see regarding some of our problem areas and then did some trouble shooting to resolve them. Using his expertise and guidance, he directed his crew, and excellent results were achieved.
Things look normal again, a weight has been lifted, literally! – pardon the pun.

Please also pass on our regards to E___ if possible, I can’t thank him enough, we had spent years trying to get the bottom of things. It was through his knowledge and his willingness to help that we were able to move in the right direction. He set the wheels in motion for where we are today.
A_____ reminded me that we were given his and Mainmark’s details by an attic installer who asked us about the issues when he was here last year. He said, “I think I know a guy that can help you, his company achieve amazing results”. And yes you do, here we are today! Your reputation precedes you.”

Leesa, Glenhaven, NSW. October 2020

“Your service from the guys who turned up to perform the work did a great job answered my few questions in detail and nothing interfered with my Tenants at the premises either.

The results were very pleasing from what we could see within the house / dwelling however like I expected there’s some cosmetic things slight cracks in gyprock and adjustments on cupboard doors, door etc that need addressing by myself to finish the job so the house looks normal again.

Please pass on my thanks to all involved with this job from me.”

Oggy, Marian, QLD. September 2020

“We were both pretty flat out last week and I was certainly drained after the week of mind spinning building complications, with loads of potential good and bad outcomes.

However I just need to, and want to, shoot off this note to you and the Mainmark team.

I’ve been in sales calling on a wide range of businesses for over 40 years and I’d struggle to recall a business more professional, technical and personable than Mainmark.  An amazing team with J____, D_____, N___, Z__ and the boys from ‘team Ireland’

I was probably a bit of a pain hanging around each day, chirping in with questions, listing to the ‘Brain storming’ sessions, but on each occasion the team helped, answered and explained what was going on which was much appreciated.

Thank you and I’d appreciate if you would pass on my comments to the Mainmark management and the guys that worked on our flats.

Got to say boys, you knocked it out of the park. !!”

Robert, Lane Cove, NSW. September 2020

“We are delighted with the works that your team carried out here yesterday. They were great lads and did a brilliant job. We are very happy customers. Thank you.”

John, Maylands, SA. September 2020
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