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Business Solutions

The ground beneath us is constantly moving.

The upward, lateral, or downward movement of ground is called subsidence. If subsidence occurs below a building’s foundations it can result in structural damage.

Mainmark specialises in advanced, non-invasive soil stabilisation, ground compaction and foundation repair solutions to improve support for buildings, roads, bridges and other structures. We treat the ground beneath them to raise, re-level, and re-support these structures.

Mainmark’s foundation repair technologies are modern, non-invasive alternatives to traditional underpinning techniques; they are like keyhole surgery for your building or home.

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With 21 years of experience working in the construction and ground engineering sector, William Lindsay is responsible for Mainmark’s commercial, legal, procurement and delivery operations as well as leading business growth and new product development. He graduated with a higher diploma in construction economics from Limerick Technical College in Ireland, and later obtained a BSc.

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As we continue to work towards shifting the disparity in male or female dominated professions, we look with admiration at individuals who are determined to overcome gender barriers to pursue their passion. One such individual is Pip Buunk, who is a senior technician at Mainmark in New Zealand and boasts more than 15 years’ experience

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Australia and New Zealand are surrounded by the sea with coastal living, seaside views and access to water all playing a big part in our way of life. However, when the ocean or an open body of water intrudes too close to urban environments, seawalls are valuable assets for protecting low lying waterfront infrastructure, addressing