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Frequently Asked Questions


Our company

As a proudly Australian privately owned family business, Mainmark is the most experienced ground engineering and Asset presentation company, specialising in ground improvement, level correction and void filling for over30 years. With global reach and local expertise, our capabilities apply to residential, commercial, infrastructure and mining sectors.

Why choose Mainmark as your preferred geotechnical expert?

Mainmark offers unique, innovative solutions for rectifying problems with foundation ground in residential, industrial, commercial, heritage and civil engineering situations. Mainmark has also led the world in developing and offering the most advanced and accurate systems in ground engineering and asset preservation.

How many projects has Mainmark completed?

With a global footprint, 18 offices and over 250 staff worldwide, Mainmark has completed over 82,000 jobs across the residential, commercial, infrastructure and mining sectors.

Are our products safe and environmentally friendly?

Our methods are environmentally inert, and have no detrimental effects on the environment.


Our technologies

Our innovative leading technologies can raise, re-level and re-support sunken homes, buildings, floors and roads.

What is Teretek®?

Our Teretek® technology provides a solution to address subsided structures, improve ground, and fill voids.

Re-levelling: Using our specialised expanding resins, Teretek® is a reliable method to lift and level structures.

Ground Improvement: Teretek® is used to deliver ground improvement solutions beneath existing structures.

Void Filling: Teretek® is well-suited for addressing smaller voids found under concrete slabs.

Learn more about Teretek

What is Terefil®?

Our Terefil® technology provides an advanced lightweight cellular concrete for soil replacement, large void filling, and pipe abandonment.

Advantages of Cellular Concrete: Cellular concrete stands out for its unique properties, catering to a wide spectrum of applications.

The Fluidity Factor: One of the standout attributes of cellular concrete is its high fluidity. This material can be pumped over long distances, filling gaps, trenches, or voids.

Soil Replacement: In a ground improvement application, Terefil® is used to create a lightweight raft prior to building construction.

Learn more about Terefil 

What is JOG?

Our JOG technology is a state of the art, computer controlled, multipoint injection system.

Where Technology Meets Grout Injection: The technology uses cementitious grouts with controlled set time structures, from residential homes to large commercial buildings.

How JOG Operates – Coordinated Precision in Action: JOG operates through a sophisticated system of interconnected injection ports, managed and sequenced by a central computer.

Learn more about JOG 

What is Permeation Grouting?

A Non-Disruptive Alternative To Traditional Underpinning in Sandy Soils.

Stabilising granular soil prior to planned excavation and increasing the bearing capacity of the treated zone, it fills the voids between the soils and bonds the particles together. This creates a solidified mass that can support increased load, stabilise sunken structures and create temporary shoring solutions.

Learn more about Permeation Grouting 

What is Jet Grouting?

Jet Grouting is accomplished with high pressure, high velocity jets located in a grout monitor attached to a drill stem. It uses a complex process of water-jetting and slurry jetting which produces an end result of ‘soil-crete columns’ with high strength and low hydraulic conductivity.

What was the Uretek method?

The Uretek ground engineering and grout technologies were based on the expansive power of multi-component mixtures of structural geopolymer resins and hardeners.

In the past Mainmark used the *Uretek resin injection methods. This expanding resin was primarily a slab lifting technology and had been used extensively for raising, re-levelling, re-supporting and strengthening moving and sunken structures on or in the ground.

Building on our experience of raising, re-levelling and re-supporting structures and correcting foundation ground issues, combined with our knowledge of the unique local conditions, Mainmark developed our proprietary Teretek resin injection solution.

Learn more about Ueretek 

What type of structures can Mainmark technologies be used for/on?

Mainmark methods provide ideal ground engineering and asset preservation solutions for numerous structures, of varying size and type, including residential, commercial, infrastructure, heritage, civil and mining projects.

We offer methods such as level correction of sinking floors and buildings, strengthening weak and unstable groundfilling holes, voids and pipesearthquake remediation, and revitalising ageing infrastructure.

Our Process – Level Correction
How does Mainmark address level correction?

Using advanced technologies and methods which include Teretek ResinTerefirm ResinJOG Computer-Controlled Grouting and Jet Grouting. Mainmark is able to correct ground subsidence and get your property back to level.

What process does Mainmark employ to ensure that the slab is raised to an even, level plane?

Employing laser devices, and other computer or technological controls, our technicians use sophisticated procedures throughout the process to carefully monitor and govern the amount of slab lift.

How much can Mainmark technologies lift?

Theoretically there is no limit to the amount of lift possible. Our technology has been used previously to lift structures from 1mm to 1300mm!

How long does it take to re-level or lift a structure?

Depending on the situation and methods used, most projects often can be re-levelled within a few hours, a few days or up to a few weeks.

Our Process – Weak or unstable ground
How does Mainmark address weak or unstable ground?

Using advanced technologies and methods which include Teretek ResinUretek Resin, PowerPiles and Jet Grouting. Mainmark is able to rectify your soil stabilisation and ground compaction issues.

What structures that have weak or unstable ground can this technology be applied on?

Majority of on-ground structures including buildings, concrete floors, driveways, roads, paved airport runways and more.

Our Process – Earthquake remediation
How does Mainmark address ground subsidence caused by earthquakes?

Using advanced technologies and methods which include Teretek ResinUretek ResinJOG Computer-Controlled Groutingand Jet Grouting. Mainmark offers the world’s most advanced earthquake remediation, liquefaction mitigation and ground-strengthening technologies.

What experience does Mainmark have with earthquake-related level correction?

In short, a lot. In the past five years, we have level-corrected over 500 projects damaged by the Christchurch quakes. Prior to this Mainmark has worked on earthquake-specific repairs since 1989.

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