Mainmark illustration of a man injecting Resin

The Uretek ground engineering and grout technologies were based on the expansive power of multi-component mixtures of structural geopolymer resins and hardeners.

In the past Mainmark used the *Uretek resin injection methods. This expanding resin was primarily a slab lifting technology and had been used extensively for raising, re-levelling, re-supporting and strengthening moving and sunken structures on or in the ground.

Building on our experience of raising, re-levelling and re-supporting structures and correcting foundation ground issues, combined with our knowledge of the unique local conditions, Mainmark developed our proprietary Teretek resin injection solution.

Resin injection to raise, re-level and re-support a house

Structural expanding resin injection raises, re-supports, and re-levels sunken home foundations fast, economically and with a minimum of disruption to occupants. Underpinning by resin injection means building footings are raised and returned to correct levels rapidly, compared to traditional concrete underpinning methods.

An expanding resin mix is injected through tubes into the ground beneath the footings. On entering the ground, the components mix together and expand by chemical reaction. The expansion force fills any voids that are present, aggressively chasing into any cracks or crevices in the soil, filling them tightly. The expanding resins also help compact any weak ground. That action provides the house or other building with renewed support.

If raising and re-levelling is required, the slab injection is continued, with the expansion acting upwards to bring the structure to its required level. Underpinning with resin injection is tightly-controlled with constant monitoring by laser leveller or similar means. Wherever possible, the injection is done from outside the house through 16 mm diameter tubes. When injection must be done from indoors, it is done through tubes of only 6mm diameter placed as inconspicuously as possible. That way there is minimal intrusion into the property and minimal interruption to the occupants. The process is extremely rapid: most house rectification takes less than a day and hardly ever takes more than two days. Mainmark’s methods involve no demolition, no excavation, no water, and very little or no mess.

Re-level and re-support industrial buildings, floors and driveways

Factory and warehouse buildings, floors and driveways may all develop problems due to loss of ground support. Most subsidence problems can be fixed quickly and economically by expanding structural resin injection with minimal interruption to your work. The process, often referred to as slab lifting, or concrete floor lifting, is fast and clean: no excavation, no water, no cement dust, no mess: unlike concrete underpinning. You don’t have to wait days for new cement to dry and to cure. Your forklifts, pallet jacks, and trucks can operate over the area just 30 minutes after we finish the slab injection. Moving and sunken slabs can usually be re-supported, re-levelled, and saved, unless too badly cracked. In a complex situation our experienced technical people can advise you about what can be saved and what should be replaced.

Structural expanding resin can re-level sunken slabs and re-support moving slabs in driveways, parking areas, garages, hardstand areas, and loading docks quickly, accurately and economically. With underpinning by resin injection, it generally takes only a few hours to level driveways, loading docks, hardstand areas and parking areas. Even the heaviest vehicles – forklifts, trucks and airliners – can run smoothly just 30 minutes after foam underpinning is completed. There is minimal interruption to traffic flow.

Resin injection to compact and strengthen deeper ground

In the past Mainmark used the Uretek Deep-Injection process, where structural resin fillers were injected via long tubes to various depths in the ground. For more than 20 years, Mainmark has been using resins to compact and strengthen ground. Building on this experience we have developed and perfected our own unique and proprietary Teretek deep-lift process for ground improvement and structural re-levelling. In certain ground conditions the bearing capacity of the ground can be increased this way by up to 500 per cent.

Our proprietary Teretek deep-lift process can assist in liquefaction mitigation by densifying foundation ground. The pressure of the expanding resin compresses the surrounding soil until it can no longer be resisted by the counter-force of the structure and soil mass above, and the friction angle of the soil.

Slab-lifting or concrete floor lifting was sometimes used in conjunction with Uretek Deep-Injection.

*Mainmark Ground Engineering Pty Ltd and Mainmark Ground Engineering (NZ) Limited had exclusive sub-contract relationships with The Mainmark Corporation Pty Ltd to supply and apply Uretek® resin injection methods.