Our expertise extends to the remediation or safe decommissioning of infrastructure and addressing ageing or decaying concrete and steel assets including culverts, tunnels, pipes, tanks and manholes.

For more than 25 years Mainmark has led the world in developing and delivering advanced resin injection techniques for ground engineering, successfully treating more than 30,000 sites across Australasia. Mainmark was established in 1995 by Philip Mack, owner and chairman, focusing on a bespoke solutions for earthquake repair and remediation, and has more recently diversified and grown to be a globally recognised ground engineering and asset preservation company.

The Mainmark group of companies has been in operation since 1995, with nine offices throughout Australia and New Zealand to service the region. We have a global footprint across 14 locations with more than 200 staff worldwide. We also operate wholly-owned subsidiaries in Japan and the UK.

Our reputation has been built on providing unique solutions for complex problems, delivered cost effectively and efficiently. Our people are committed and focused on providing customers with superior service and quality outcomes, working to the highest standards of local and international compliance.

We are an award-winning, privately-owned company with highly trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment. Our solutions are all non-toxic, inert and environmentally neutral. Every project is planned, supervised and executed by our own experienced personnel. We warrant our products.

Companies of the Mainmark group present creative, effective solutions to many types of ground engineering and asset preservation problems across a wide range of sectors. Some companies also provide related solutions for the building and construction industry. Many of these solutions are unique to Mainmark and its associates.

Mainmark offers unique and innovative engineered products and solutions

TERETEK® RESIN INJECTION SOLUTION Our proprietary two-in-one solution that delivers both improved ground bearing capacity and re-levelling, backed by a 50-year product warranty. Teretek® engineered structural resin injection raises, re-levels and re-supports sunken building foundations fast, economically and with minimal disruption to occupants. Building footings are raised and returned towards level rapidly, without the need for expensive demolition or excavation.

JOG COMPUTER-CONTROLLED GROUTING This unique computer-controlled system is extensively used for re-levelling large and complex structures, such as multi-storey residential and commercial buildings.

TEREFIRM® RESIN INJECTION FOR GROUND IMPROVEMENT Mainmark’s Terefirm® Resin Injection technique can deliver substantial benefits as a viable, low impact solution for ground improvement to address at-risk buildings and structures susceptible to weak soil conditions. The solution uses proven, scientific testing prior to and after application to validate a required geotechnical outcome. Terefirm® has been extensively researched and tested for use in earthquake prone regions where property owners are grappling with damaged buildings and structures affected by seismic liquefaction.

TEREFIL® Our advanced structural lightweight polymer modified cementitious grout, Terefil®, can solve a wide variety of geotechnical challenges in the construction, infrastructure, and mining sectors. This versatile engineered material is ideal for use as a fill in situations where cellular concrete, foam concrete or foam cement would otherwise be applied. T

PERMEATION GROUTING Creates ground cohesion before excavation. This well established and widely used pressure grouting technique helps to strengthen sandy soils and unstable gravels, and repairs structural formations in non-cohesive soils at depths as great as 60m.


Mainmark specialises in advanced, site-specific solutions for revitalising, sealing, protecting and structurally reinforcing ageing or damaged buildings and infrastructure including tunnels, shafts and basements impacted by weak ground and water ingress.

As a world leader in innovative ground engineering solutions and technologies, Mainmark offers a range of specialist applications for rectifying and preserving structures within the commercial, industrial, residential, heritage, civil engineering, infrastructure and mining sectors. Our specialised resins and coatings include engineered coatings and linings for large pipes and utility services; high performance water control treatments that can stop fast flowing water quickly in construction and civil projects, as well as in emergency situations, and waterproofing solutions to seal and stabilise water ingress in dry or waterbearing conditions. Mainmark’s industrial strengthening products include a range of concrete and steel coatings for building and infrastructure protection, precisely designed and engineered for site-specific needs. All Mainmark solutions are cost effective, quick to apply and non-invasive.

STRAAM: STRUCTURAL RISK ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT The world’s most advanced platform for easily measuring and analysing the performance of structures to determine the cause of damage, risk of further damage, and overall structural stability.

Businesses in the Mainmark group in Australasia

In Australia: Mainmark Ground Engineering Pty Ltd ATF Mainmark Ground Engineering Trust, Mainmark Ground Engineering Pty Ltd (in NSW), Mainmark Civil & Mining Services Pty Ltd, Mainmark Equipment Pty Ltd and other related businesses including Grouting Plus Solutions and Fytogreen.

In New Zealand: Mainmark Ground Engineering (NZ) Limited, Mainmark Civil & Mining Services (NZ) Ltd, Mainmark Equipment (NZ) Limited and other related businesses.

Mainmark has been examined by QMS Certification Services and found to be conforming to the requirements of:


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