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Remediating Mining Infrastructure with Precision and Minimal Disruption 

In Australia’s dynamic mining landscape, efficiency, safety, and sustainability are paramount. As a leading provider of innovative solutions, Mainmark is at the forefront, offering cutting-edge technologies tailored to meet the evolving needs of the mining sector. With a deep understanding of the challenges inherent in mining operations, Mainmark delivers innovative solutions that enhance productivity and mitigate risk.

Mainmark has succesfully delivered thousands of projects on mine sites for over thirty years. We understand the importance of working within tight timeframes of scheduled shutdowns or emergency works, collaboratively and efficiently. With minimal interruption to mining operations, while prioritising safety. A proudly Australian-owned innovator Since 1989, one of Mainmark’s key offerings to the mining industry is its advanced ground engineering solutions. Through proprietary technologies such as Teretek®, Mainmark specialises in ground improvement, re-levelling and void filling, addressing and providing cost-effective and non-invasive solutions that minimise downtime and maintain operational continuity.



As the pioneers of Teretek® Resin Injection technology in Australia, Mainmark has grown its global presence over the last 35 years and has 18 office locations worldwide. Teretek® Resin Injection is a fast, non-disruptive, and economical solution for filling voids, re-levelling subsided structures, and improving ground. It is a technology that has been qualified, tested, and adopted by infrastructure authorities across Australia. Teretek® materials expand in a controlled manner, allowing their targeted placement to fill voids, reconfirm support, and raise subsided structures with precision. Teretek® is often used as a proactive approach to maintaining and strengthening assets to extend their life and minimise disruption to operations before significant deterioration occurs.


Features & Benefits of Teretek®

Fast: Unlike traditional methods, Teretek® can provide a solution in just a few hours, minimising downtime and disruptions to operations.

Immediately Trafficable: One of the most significant benefits of Teretek® is its ability to treat areas rapidly and effectively, allowing them to be immediately returned to operations, minimising productivity and revenue losses.

Non-invasive: Teretek® stands out for its non-disruptive nature unlike traditional methods requiring extensive excavation and disruption to operations.

Cost-effective: Compared to traditional repair methods that may involve extensive excavation, Teretek® provides a significantly more economical solution.

Environmentally Inert: All Teretek® resins are pre-mixed before injection. The result is an inert, non-toxic material with an indefinite life span that does not leach into the environment.

Engineered Solutions

Mainmark’s in-house engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience working with various stakeholders throughout the infrastructure and mining sectors to solve the technical challenges often faced by mining operations.

Some of the more common applications for the remediation of mine assets include:

Stacker reclaimers require smooth rail travel for efficient mining operations. Depressions and crossfalls along the rails disrupt their function. Common remediation methods include raising subsided rails, improving weak sub-grade soils, and removing crossfalls.

Slowdowns in rail infrastructure significantly affect the efficiency of mining operations. Teretek® resin injection offers a successful solution for remedying issues such as water washout of rail formation, subsidence, uneven crossovers, and track-level corrections. It effectively fills voids, stabilises ground, and addresses various underlying causes.

Run of Mine (ROM) slabs can subside due to heavy traffic and water runoff. Remediation involves re-levelling subsided slabs, lifting bridge footings, and improving weak sub-grade soils.

Structures like plinths and footings can subside due to water runoff, affecting equipment operation. Teretek® resin injection re-levels structures by improving ground support.


Fortifying & Preserving Mining Infrastructure

Using advanced techniques such as Teretek® Resin Injection, Mainmark addresses subsidence issues at mine infrastructure before they escalate into significant problems. This proactive approach ensures the longevity of critical mine assets and minimises downtime and operational disruptions.



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