Keeping floors level and consistent is essential in factories and warehouses where the use of heavy equipment such as forklifts can impact floors, concrete slabs and hardstand areas, and where carefully-calibrated machinery relies on a sturdy level surface to operate correctly.

However, even the smallest amount of subsidence can cause previously level slabs and hardstands to drop or warp, creating trip hazards, water pooling, and causing machines to vibrate out of calibration.

These issues can gradually worsen and create serious operational and safety issues that become costly unless rectified as soon as possible.

Whether operating a manufacturing facility, storage building, logistics or transport yard, or any other kind of factory or warehouse, owners will be familiar with the of wear and tear these facilities experience on a daily basis. As these sites age, potential problems can become more pronounced and may have a significant impact on productivity and employee health and safety.

Subsidence, weak ground, weak foundations, large holes, or general ground instability, can contribute to a factory or warehouse structure falling below safe operational limits. Typical signs of structural damage include dishing, where water pools in the centre of slabs or, raised slab edges that create a trip hazard, as well as sloping and sinking floors. A sinking slab, ponding slab, sinking building, or sinking foundation should be rectified with slab lifting, slab jacking and slab re-levelling techniques.

Mainmark’s ground engineering and asset preservation teams are experts in helping factory and warehouse owners faced with unlevel buildings and unstable ground. For more than 25 years, Mainmark has finetuned and expanded its range of solutions and technologies with your unique needs in mind.

We apply state-of-the-art, proprietary engineered ground strengthening solutions to help address the structural damage that subsidence has caused to slabs, driveways, hardstands, and floors. Teretek® or JOG are the preferred methods to lifting concrete slabs since 1995. Our approach aims to avoid costly and disruptive alternatives like excavation and underpinning, and our solutions are non-toxic, environmentally inert, and safe for surrounding water sources.

Treatments can be completed in as little as a few days or even a few hours, and the treated area is often safe to use immediately, even for heavy vehicles, to ensure minimal disruption to operations while we fix your subsidence issues. Importantly, once the area has been treated with Mainmark’s Teretek resin injection, soils become more resistant to further ground movement.

We solve problems with Factories and Warehouses

  • Protect valuable and sensitive machinery and equipment by ensuring it stands on level ground for more accurate calibration and performance and less vibration, wear and tear
  • Eliminate trip hazards due to uneven slabs with slab raising technology that re-levels concrete slabs, ensuring there are no lips which may cause falls or other safety incidents
  • Overcome subsidence issues due to weak ground or large holes, and prevent sinking foundations using our proprietary Teretek engineered resin injection solution, Terefil lightweight cementitious fill, and JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting
  • Prevent future subsidence issues by addressing unstable ground and weak foundations with solutions that provide lasting ground movement prevention and ground strengthening capabilities
  • Protect your above-ground structures from structural damage, cracked walls, jammed doors, jammed windows, and related safety hazards by re-levelling the structure and adding support to foundation ground
  • Revitalise, seal, protect and structurally reinforce ageing manufacturing facilities, storage buildings, logistics or transport yards impacted by weak ground and water ingress using Specialised Resins, Gels and Coatings

Success Story:

Slab lift in high traffic transport hub

A busy transport yard at one of New Zealand’s largest dairy co-operatives had experienced subsidence underneath its concrete slab due to unstable soil and voids. The yard operates 24 hours a day and therefore needed to be remediated as quickly as possible to avoid costly operational disruptions.  Mainmark was able to fill the voids and lift the slab back to level within a single day, using its proprietary Teretek resin injection solution.

Success Story:

Raising and re-levelling a warehouse floor

Following a series of earthquakes, several areas within a food industry distribution centre suffered subsidence and tilt panel wall settlement of 90mm which had become a major concern. Faced with the prospect of demolishing and rebuilding the facility, the client instead engaged Mainmark to implement liquefaction mitigation using its advanced resin injection technique to re-level the floor, returning the walls to a plumb position, and completing the project with minimal downtime and at minimal cost.