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Concrete Resin Injection

Resin Injection

Advanced Concrete Resin Injection Solution

Concrete resin injection is a highly effective and efficient technique for addressing subsidence in structures. This innovative technique involves injecting a specially formulated resin into cracks or voids within the concrete. As the injected material solidifies, it creates a strong bond between the affected sections, thereby restoring the structural integrity and strength of the concrete.

Ideal for various applications, from residential to commercial structures and infrastructure, concrete resin injection is a minimally invasive solution.

  • 50 year product warranty
  • 30+ years experience in Australia
  • Non-invasive and surgical method
  • Modern underpinning alternative
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional methods

Fast, cost effective & non-invasive subsidence solutions


Why Teretek® for Concrete Injection?

The Teretek® Advantage in Concrete Crack Injection

Teretek® is an exceptional choice for concrete resin injection due to its innovative and efficient technology designed to raise, re-level and re-support subsided structures. Developed by Mainmark, Teretek® employs a unique resin injection method that precisely re-levels concrete, ensuring structural integrity with minimal disruption. This non-invasive technique is highly effective for concrete crack repair, offering a swift and durable solution that significantly reduces the need for extensive excavation or demolition. Renowned for its accuracy and effectiveness, Teretek® is the go-to solution for residential and commercial applications.


Before & After Treatments

Comprehensive Solutions for Concrete Injection Repair

30,000+ Asset Owners Trust Us

Teretek® offers comprehensive solutions for concrete injection repair, adeptly handling various structural challenges. Its versatility ensures effective repair of cracks, voids and subsidence.

The transformative before-and-after results visibly demonstrate the efficacy of Teretek® in restoring and enhancing the stability and appearance of concrete structures.

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Features & Benefits

Mainmark’s Solutions & Technologies


Our technologies have fast curing times and treated areas can be used immediately or without the delays compared to traditional repair methods.

Environmentally Inert

Our technologies use an inert material that is non-toxic and does not leach into the environment or affect the treated area.


Our solutions are of surgical nature compared to traditional methods.


Compared to traditional methods, our solutions are more cost-effective, with minimal disruption to the area.

Understanding the Causes of Concrete Cracks

The Underlying Reasons for Concrete Subsidence

Concrete, despite its robustness, is susceptible to cracking, which can compromise the structural integrity and aesthetics of buildings and infrastructure. Understanding the root causes of these cracks is crucial in selecting the right repair method, such as Teretek® for concrete injection.

Moreover, the impact varies depending on the type of ground involved. When the ground undergoes changes, building subsidence becomes a prevalent concern. In such cases, foundations or footings lose their support and sink due to the weakened ground.

Soil Types

Moisture levels in the soil affect reactive clays as they expand and contract.

Oversaturated clays lose their strength resulting in footing subsidence. In loosely packed soils, such as sand and silt, the fine particales in the soil can wash away causing the footing to settle.

Tree Roots

Neighbouring trees and shrubs absorb water using their roots causing movement in the soil as it soaks up moisture in the ground.

Footing Systems

Poor foundation design or inadequate compaction of soil during construction results in movement of the structure as it settles.

Excess Water

Burst or cracked water pipes including blocked sewage and rain gutters  can oversaturate clay soils or wash fine particles from sand and silt soils and cause footings to subside.

Extreme or Seasonal Weather

Natural disasters such as flooding, drought and earthquakes affect soil moisture levels in particular clay resulting in excessive foundation movement.

Renovation or Construction

Vibration caused by nearby construction activity such as drilling or piling, or heavy road traffic causes soil particles to shift and settle, resulting in ground subsidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to some of our customers’ most common questions.

However, we understand that your situation may be unique, and you might have specific questions not covered here.

If you’re worried about subsiding concrete, call Mainmark for an obligation free expert opinion.

What is concrete injection?

Concrete injection, often employed by Mainmark, involves injecting a specially formulated resin or grout into cracks or voids within subsided concrete structures. This resin injection processs strengthens and re-levels the compromised areas, restoring the structural integrity of the concrete. Mainmark’s unique product, Teretek®, is a notable example, offering a non-invasive, efficient solution for sinking concrete repair.

How long does concrete injection last?

The longevity of concrete injection repairs, especially when using Mainmark’s Teretek® technology, is significant. These repairs are designed to be durable and long-lasting. The exact lifespan can vary based on the environment and the specific conditions of the site, but they typically offer a long-term solution, often lasting several decades.

How much does concrete injection cost?

The cost of concrete injection varies depending on several factors, such as the extent of the damage, accessibility of the crack, the type of resin used, and the size of the project. Mainmark provides customised solutions, and costs are typically calculated after a thorough assessment of the specific needs of each project. Generally, it is a cost-effective alternative to more extensive repair methods.

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How do you inject concrete cracks?

Mainmark injects concrete cracks using a process that involves drilling small holes into the affected area and then injecting the resin under controlled pressure. Teretek® resin is used for its expansive properties, which fill and seal the cracks effectively. The process is precise and designed to cause minimal disruption to the surrounding area.

What’s the 50-Year Warranty?

Mainmark is committed to delivering not only top-quality concrete injection services but also enduring peace of mind for our clients. Our confidence in the reliability and effectiveness of our products, particularly in our concrete injection processes using Teretek®, is backed by a comprehensive 50-year product warranty.

This warranty covers the longevity and performance of the materials used in our concrete injection services. It assures that the materials, including our specialised resin, will not degrade or fail under normal conditions for a period of 50 years from the date of application.

This long-term warranty reflects our commitment to quality and our trust in the durability of our solutions, ensuring that our clients’ investments are protected and their structures remain safe and stable for decades.


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