Keeping heavily-trafficked public areas safe from trip hazards is important in busy retail and office environments.

However, if the building has suffered subsidence as a result of weak foundations, weak ground, ground movement, unstable ground, or soil liquefaction, then trip hazards could become a serious concern. Unlevel floors can create lips between joints that lead to accidents and injury.

Furthermore, subsidence can cause structural damage ranging from mild to severe. In mild cases, structural damage can include cracked walls, jammed doors, and jammed windows. In more severe cases, doors and windows may not be able to be secured and buildings can even become uninhabitable due to a lack of structural integrity. To protect your business’s reputation and avoid undue costs, it is essential to address sinking buildings and unlevel floors without delay.

Whether the premises have been affected by large holes or large voids forming under foundations, experienced ground movement due to soil instability, or suffered damage following an earthquake or neighbouring construction works, Mainmark can help.

Mainmark applies one of its proprietary engineered solutions to fill holes and voids, deliver ground stabilisation, provide liquefaction mitigation, and help prevent further damage being caused as a result of sinking floors, sinking slabs, and sinking foundations. Using a technique similar to keyhole surgery, we inject our Teretek resin to where it’s needed. The material expands and compacts the ground to create an incredibly strong foundation ground that resists future movement and helps raise and re-level the structure or building. If a large or more complex building needs to be lifted to achieve re-levelling, cementitious grouts are applied under precise computer control. Advanced grout monitors ensure minimal stress is placed on the structure throughout the process, as all sections of the building are supported and lifted evenly and gradually via sequenced injections of the low-viscosity grout.

Our team of highly experienced and qualified technicians can complete these treatments in as little as a few days or even hours, depending on the nature and extent of the problem. Our solutions are more affordable and less disruptive than traditional methods such as demolishing and rebuilding, excavating, or concrete underpinning.

In high foot traffic areas, these non-invasive remediation works can remove trip hazards and other related safety concerns to better protect workers, customers, and the wider public. Our solutions are non-toxic, environmentally inert, and minimally disruptive. In many cases, you’ll be able to continue to operate as normal while we carry out the re-levelling. You often won’t even need to move the furniture or equipment.


We solve problems with Retail Outlets and Offices

  • Provide a safer and more comfortable environment for your customers by eliminating trip hazards and ensuring all walls, doors, and windows are straight and level, and operating smoothly
  • Enhance your brand reputation by correcting structural damage and presenting a professional, clean, and structurally-sound store, venue or office environment
  • Protect your investment in the premises by correcting subsidence-related issues including slab lifting and slab re-levelling, and prevent further damage from ground movement
  • Strengthen the foundations of your office or retail outlet and prevent sinking foundations using our proprietary Teretek engineered resin injection solution, and JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting
  • Seal, strengthen and stabilise cracks, joints and cavities in commercial buildings by creating a physical, hardwearing barrier using Specialised Resins, Gels and Coatings
  • Provide high-performance water mitigation and control solutions for underground carparks, basements, retaining walls and other subterranean infrastructure
  • Address large and small areas of leaking, cracking and surface deterioration using a range of pure polurea and polymer coatings to permeate, fill and stabilise concrete and steel structures

Success Story:

Re-levelling department store floors

Underlying soil subsidence had caused significant differential floor settlement in a major department store. The building had become unsafe due to undulating floor levels, which had also caused shelves to become unlevel, compromising the safe display of merchandise. Mainmark was appointed to re-level the floor so the department store could undertake further redevelopment work safely. Mainmark used its proprietary resin injection solution to successfully raise and re-level the floor without disrupting the retailer’s daily operations.

Success Story:

Remediating a multi-storey business complex

Two multi-storey commercial buildings, that were part of a Melbourne complex, were suffering from significant foundation damage.  A geotechnical site investigation revealed that the foundations were primarily built on fill material and highly reactive clay which had heaved due to water ingress.  Mainmark was able to remediate the site using a combination of JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting (JOG) and Teretek resin injection to lift and relevel the building.

Success Story:

Assessing the structural capacity of a childcare centre rooftop

An inner-city childcare facility wanted to maximise the use of its limited space by creating a rooftop play area and needed to ensure the additional weight of the play equipment and landscaping would comply with Australian safety standards. Mainmark used its STRAAM (STructural Risk Assessment and Management) real-time structural monitoring technology to determine the roof’s likely performance under additional loads and was able to confirm that the childcare facility could proceed safely with the project.