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Our Teretek® technology provides a solution to address subsided structures, improve ground, and fill voids.

Our Teretek® technology provides a solution to address subsided structures, improve ground, and fill voids.

Re-levelling: Using our specialised expanding resins, Teretek® is a reliable method to lift and level structures.

Ground Improvement: Teretek® is used to deliver ground improvement solutions beneath existing structures.

Void Filling: Teretek® is well-suited for addressing smaller voids found under concrete slabs.


Our Terefil® technology provides an advanced lightweight cellular concrete for soil replacement, large void filling, and pipe abandonment.

Advantages of Cellular Concrete: Cellular concrete stands out for its unique properties, catering to a wide spectrum of applications.

The Fluidity Factor: One of the standout attributes of cellular concrete is its high fluidity. This material can be pumped over long distances, filling gaps, trenches, or voids.

Soil Replacement: In a ground improvement application, Terefil® is used to create a lightweight raft prior to building construction.

JOG Computer Controlled Grouting

Our JOG technology is a state of the art, computer controlled, multipoint injection system.

Where Technology Meets Grout Injection: The technology uses cementitious grouts with controlled set time structures, from residential homes to large commercial buildings.

How JOG Operates – Coordinated Precision in Action: JOG operates through a sophisticated system of interconnected injection ports, managed and sequenced by a central computer.

Permeation Grouting

A Non-Disruptive Alternative To Traditional Underpinning in Sandy Soils.

Stabilising granular soil prior to planned excavation and increasing the bearing capacity of the treated zone, it fills the voids between the soils and bonds the particles together. This creates a solidified mass that can support increased load, stabilise sunken structures and create temporary shoring solutions.


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JOG Computer Controlled Grouting
Permeation Grouting
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