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Project Profile Q16 U121

Cracked Walls Closed Up with Uretek® Resin Injection

Public Buildings
Cracked Walls

The problem

Blue Care Community Care, in Proserpine, Queensland, had experienced ground settlement, resulting in cracks forming throughout the building and some wall separation.

The building had a concrete slab and block walls with a stone-filled perimeter. The walls and slabs had settled by up to 52mm, which was enough to cause significant cracks.

The cracks needed to be corrected because, as well as being unsightly, they indicated that the building’s integrity may have been compromised.

The community care facility was built on a reactive clay base, with poor drainage around the building; the most likely cause of the settlement. There were also remnants of an old irrigation system, which may have contributed to the problem.

The solution

Mainmark was appointed to raise the 80m2 slab back to level with minimal disruption to the community care’s residents.

The facility was required to remain operational during the work.

The Result

Mainmark successfully addressed the structural and aesthetic issues faced by the community care facility in just two days.

The unique, patented Uretek® resin injection method was used to, first, improve the soil density, then, to raise and re-level the affected slab.

Uretek® resin was inserted to a depth of 2m. The process sees expanding structural resins injected into very small, strategically placed holes to raise and re-level buildings, floors, and other structures. It results in compacted ground to provide increased support for building foundations.

The slab was re-levelled, the foundation ground was compacted and strengthened, and as a result, the wall cracks were almost completely closed.

The Mainmark method is clean and involves no water, no excavation, no cement dust, and no mess. This minimised disruption to residents and work was able to be completed during normal business operations.

The resins used are completely non-toxic, and environmentally inert.

Mick Tobiano, Facilities and Maintenance Manager at Blue Care, said:

“I was very sceptical – even up to the point of the resin being injected. Then, right in front of my eyes and within a few hours, the transformation was complete. I thought it unbelievable until I had firsthand experience.”

Greg Wearing, Project Manager at Mainmark said:

“Alternative methods could have cost as much as 100 times more than the Mainmark resin injection. This method achieved almost complete closure on the cracks and correction of levels by as much as 38mm. This was an excellent result that strengthened the building foundations and integrity.”

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Cracked Walls Closed Up with Uretek® Resin Injection
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