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A technology for measuring the structural integrity of buildings in real-time has been introduced into Australia.

Ground engineering specialist Mainmark’s new structural monitoring technology has arrived in Australia.

A new structural monitoring technology has arrived in Australia and New Zealand, which will allow businesses to measure the unique ‘heartbeat’ of any above-ground structure.

Structural monitoring technology that can pinpoint structural damage and stability issues in real time in order to mitigate risk and enhance safety has been introduced to Australia and New Zealand by Mainmark.

Mainmark Chief Executive Officer Paul Hickman speaks about the series of events that led him to drive his vintage Bristol 403 across two continents for the women and children of Ulaanbaatar.

Mainmark re-levels and re-supports moving and sunken rails with minimal downtime in the Mining sector

Helping Heritage Stand Strong…Level Correction and Ground Strengthening Success in Kaiapoi

Grouting and Foundation Works (GFWAust) joins forces with Mainmark