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For the past 25 years, Sandgate Uniting Church’s annual Christmas lights display has been a part of the fabric of the northside community. But every local icon needs a little TLC at times. This year was the first time for the church’s light show and Yatala-based engineering company Mainmark stepped in the help.

Safety and productivity have always been the top drivers in just about any mining operation. Yet as facilities age and the need for return on investment grows, these two parameters often work against each other. Austmine caught up with Greg Wearing from ground engineering specialist Mainmark to discuss why innovation holds the key and must become the core business function of any mining services company.
But when is a crack something minor or a problem that needs to be tackled on a bigger scale?

Most homeowners will spot a crack or two (or more) in their house at some time, even those who don’t live in an earthquake zone.But when is a crack something minor or a problem that needs to be tackled on a bigger scale?

Mainmark: There is estimated to be approximately 50,000 abandoned mines across Australia with a significant number of these posing threats to both public safety and the environment. According to the 2012 NSW Auditor-General Report, derelict mines represent the largest category of contamination liability for the state of NSW.

The successful remediation of an abandoned mineshaft in West Wyalong, NSW, has seen the project nominated as a finalist for International Project of the Year at the 2017 International Ground Engineering Awards in London.

The True Blue mineshaft was located beneath the car park of a local motel. It was 300 m deep and at risk of collapse. A previous attempt to remediate it with 300 t of concrete had caused it to partially cave-in under the weight and a 160-cubic-metre cavern had formed underground. This was causing the motel to subside and sink holes to form on the surface of the carpark.

Ground engineering specialist Mainmark has provided technically advanced solutions that have been successfully used to both remediate and decommission pipelines for a major water infrastructure project in New South Wales.

Advances in relevelling products and processes for buildings are creating cost-effective and less invasive alternatives to traditional underpinning methods.

Redland City Council (SE Qld) has engaged Arup to trial several different methods to help prevent canal banks and associated retaining walls from moving, with Mainmark’s Teretek as one option.

Non-invasive ground improvement solutions can fortify foundations for new builds and renovations.

Advances in re-levelling products and processes for buildings have created cost-effective and less invasive alternatives to traditional underpinning methods.

The Redland City Council in Brisbane is experiencing an ongoing problem with canal revetment and retaining wall movement in Raby Bay and has initiated a trial to test the suitability of various treatment options.

With advances in structural monitoring technology, it is now possible to identify early warning signs of structural damage or weakness in real-time. Dynamic structural monitoring technology known as STRAAM (Structural Risk Assessment and Management) collects data on how a building moves, which can be used to initiate repairs or renovations sooner, limit the risk of further damage, better manage occupant safety and support possible litigation.