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dalby church front

Closing wall cracks in a heritage church

Following the 2011 Queensland floods, large visible cracks began to appear inside the heritage St John’s Anglican Church in the regional town of Dalby, despite no water having entered the building. The cracks were symptomatic of damage to the 89-year-old Church’s foundations. The flood had caused the underground aquifer (a body of saturated rock through […]

Why do foundations sink?

If you’ve spotted large cracks in the walls of your home or gaps appearing between the skirting and floors, there may be a chance the building and the ground beneath it are sinking. Working with a qualified structural engineer to understand the causes of subsidence (the technical term for sinking) is usually the first step […]

Mainmark illustration of resin being injected into the ground to lift a wall structure

What’s the difference between concrete underpinning and resin injection?

Cracks in the walls near windows and doorways, or sinking and sloping floors, may be early indicators that you are experiencing problems with your home’s foundations. Underpinning can help to address this building issue, which can occur when soil becomes too wet or dry, affecting the foundation structure. The process of underpinning strengthens a building’s […]

When should you worry about cracks in your walls?

Turning a blind eye to wall cracks in your home may mean you’re missing the warning signs for serious and ongoing structural damage. Wall cracks are common in Australian and New Zealand houses and though some are nothing to worry about, others can indicate a sinking or damaged foundation. If you don’t address problematic wall […]

ChristchurchArtGallery-1 copy 3

Christchurch Art Gallery earthquake-damaged foundations repaired in just 52 days

During the Christchurch earthquakes of 2010 and 2011, the Christchurch Art Gallery suffered significant damage to its foundations, causing the 33,000 tonne building to sink. Mainmark worked closely with the project’s engineering team to successfully re-support and re-level the 6,500 square metre foundations in just 52 days, without requiring excavation or the occupants and exhibits […]

sinking building foundation

Helping Heritage Stand Strong

…Level Correction and Ground Strengthening Success in Kaiapoi The Christchurch earthquakes were responsible for numerous buildings ultimately being demolished. So it is refreshing to hear a 130-year old building was recently given a ‘lift’, the first steps towards repairing and restoring the structure, ensuring it can stand strong for many more years to come. Last […]

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