Emergency Preparation Equipment Earthquake

Preparing for an earthquake

The risk of natural disasters, particularly earthquakes, is widely recognised in New Zealand and the recent events are an important reminder for every home to have a comprehensive emergency action plan. Mainmark, one of New Zealand’s leading ground engineering firms, is very aware of the risks and problems associated with earthquakes

Russell Deller General Manager NZ

Inside Mainmark: How Mainmark is pioneering ground engineering excellence in NZ

Interview with Russell Deller – General Manager of Mainmark New Zealand How did you come to work at Mainmark? I joined Mainmark in 1991 after Australia had been hit by the Newcastle earthquake. By that time, Mainmark had developed a reputation as an industry innovator and leader in the specialised area of seismic remediation

Tim Pope and Alan P Jeary standing next to Mainmark sign

Mainmark welcomes industry pioneer, Dr Alan Jeary, to Australia and New Zealand for the launch of STRAAM

Mainmark has announced it will be the exclusive distributor of STRAAM, a world-leading structural monitoring technology, in Australia and New Zealand. To mark the start of this exciting new partnership, the Mainmark team has had the pleasure of hosting Dr Alan Jeary, industry pioneer and creator of STRAAM technology,

Philip Mack

Inside Mainmark: A history of excellence

Interview with Philip Mack – Owner and Chairman of Mainmark Why did you found Mainmark and how has the business evolved over the years? With an honours degree in building from the University of New South Wales and after many years spent working for tier one building companies in Australia,

Ground Instability

Addressing wall cracks: know your soil types

Cracks are very common, particularly in houses that are more than 20 years’ old. Although many people can see cracks in their walls, they don’t know why the cracks are there. Wall cracks develop over time as a home’s foundations move.

international project of the year award mainmark ground engineering awards 2016

Mainmark wins at 2016 Ground Engineering Awards in London

Post-earthquake resurrection of Christchurch Art Gallery wins International Project of the Year Award We are extremely proud to announce that Mainmark has won the International Project of the Year Award at the 2016 Ground Engineering Awards for our Christchurch Art Gallery project in New Zealand.

Permeation Grouting

Engineers and councils urged to rethink emergency storm repair methods

Following the wild storms that have lashed the eastern seaboard, we at Mainmark are urging councils, engineers, builders and insurers to think outside the box as remediation works begin. Large washouts have created serious ground problems, including coastal erosion, flooding and sinkholes.


Is this the reason machinery is malfunctioning?

Machinery malfunction on a mining or construction site is often attributed to poor quality or shoddy equipment, when in fact the problem may be due to ground subsidence. The minor variances in ground level as a result of subsidence can cause machinery parts to misalign, placing unnecessary stress on the equipment.


Mainmark launches innovative new advanced spray-on corrosion protection for steel and concrete – ENCAP6™

Mainmark has launched ENCAP6™, a new range of technologically advanced, spray-on corrosion protection solutions for revitalising ageing concrete and steel infrastructure. This innovative solution provides public works and civil construction sectors

Ground Engineering Awards 2016 Mainmark

Mainmark shortlisted for UK Ground Engineering Awards 2016

I’m delighted to announce that Mainmark’s Christchurch Art Gallery project has been shortlisted for the International Project of the Year Award category at the 2016 Ground Engineering Awards in the United Kingdom. The International Project of the Year Award recognises projects that have delivered geotechnical innovation that stands out on the international stage

Bristol 403 Chrome Peking to Paris Paul Hickman

Mainmark’s CEO races Peking to Paris for the women and children of Ulaanbaatar

Paul Hickman is Mainmark’s Chief Executive Officer. He joined the business in 2005 and has more than 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. In his spare time, he’s a car enthusiast, music lover and supporter of women’s and human rights initiatives. He recently brought his lovingly restored Bristol 403 car

dalby church front

Closing wall cracks in a heritage church

Following the 2011 Queensland floods, large visible cracks began to appear inside the heritage St John’s Anglican Church in the regional town of Dalby, despite no water having entered the building. The cracks were symptomatic of damage to the 89-year-old Church’s foundations.