An Innovative Sewer Abandonment Solution

 The early works for Melbourne’s North-East Link project posed a technical challenge: decommissioning the old, recently bypassed sewer pipework below the new motorway. The sewer needed to be filled in a way that removed any risk of collapse once the road was operational.

The use of geophysical testing for Mainmark technologies

When it comes to the use of Mainmark’s technologies, a common question we encounter is “how do you validate your work?”. As ground engineering solutions do not always have visible results, validation testing is an integral part of any project. Geophysical testing provides a suite of tools used in geotechnical engineering to identify the soil

Challenging conventional underpinning

Conventional underpinning using steel and concrete has long been the go-to solution for supporting or strengthening the foundation of an existing house, building or structure for engineering and construction professionals. However, alternative more innovative solutions are challenging the status quo. These methods of stabilising and lifting structures have been in use for more than a

Holes and Voids - Resi

How climate change may affect your property’s foundations

Climate change is often associated with cataclysmic weather events and temperature changes but it can also have more subtle, long-term effects on our homes. Scientific research over the decades has revealed that the earth’s average temperature has gradually increased due to the greenhouse gases that are trapped in the atmosphere. This is particularly noticeable in

Maintaining culverts – Australia’s vital hidden infrastructure

Culverts are the hidden heroes of the infrastructure sector and while they are often not as prominent as bridges, tunnels and road networks, they are an essential asset that protects, roads, rail and other buildings and structures. Unfortunately, culvert maintenance and repairs are not always prioritised appropriately. Typically, culverts are concrete box sections, corrugated steel

Remediating rather than replacing ageing infrastructure

As our population increases, so does the demand for infrastructure. However, an influx of residents, new development and increased traffic can put a significant strain on infrastructure, particularly in older suburbs surrounding large metropolitan cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Replacing ageing or damaged assets, such as underground pipes and culverts, is an expensive

rain flows down from a roof down causing subsidence issues

Regional spotlight series: How local weather and soil conditions can impact ACT’s ageing residential market

As part of our regional series, we take a closer look at the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and how its ground conditions can impact the area’s built environment. Like in most regions, Mainmark’s operations in Australia’s capital city span residential, commercial and civil infrastructure. While several public infrastructure sites have benefited from Mainmark’s ground remediation

Teretek bridge repair and relevel

A year in review with Mainmark ANZ general manager, Joe Glanville

As 2021 draws to a close and we reflect on the year that has been, I think our biggest achievement this year is that we managed to successfully complete well over 1,800 projects across Australia and New Zealand despite extended lockdowns and border restrictions, which impacted our business in every region. The Australian and New

Sydney Harbour Tunnel - Australia

Tunnel infrastructure: The key to functional cities are tunnels built to last

With increasing urban population density and traffic loads, tunnel infrastructure is often the difference between commuters reaching their destination and transportation grinding to a halt. Tunnels help to alleviate congestion, promote healthier traffic flow, and minimise disruption in suburban areas making them increasingly important for metropolitan growth areas. For example, in Greater Sydney, New South

Melbourne at dusk

Regional spotlight series: meeting the demand for specialised applications and civil infrastructure remediation in Victoria and Tasmania

As part of our regional series, where we discuss Mainmark’s operations in different areas across Australia and New Zealand, we turn our attention to Victoria and Tasmania. While Mainmark’s residential division has thrived in these regions for many years, more recently there has been a major focus on infrastructure remediation due to a record level

Virtual site inspection Mainmark covid safe company

Adapting to change with virtual site inspections

Due to the disruption caused by restrictions that Australia and New Zealand have experienced as a result of COVID-19, many trades and businesses including ground engineering specialists, have been unable to visit homes in some regions to conduct on-site inspections. Without visiting a customer’s home, it is difficult to assess structural issues like wall cracks

culvert relining on a crane with mainmark technician

Mainmark wins Good Design Award for Toowoomba Bypass project

In 2019 Mainmark embarked on a project in Toowoomba, Queensland, playing an important role in one of the largest infrastructure projects in the state’s history. The project was the $1.6 billion Toowoomba Bypass, a 41km long dual carriageway and ring road that was designed to improve freight connections to major ports and markets and reduce