Laurie Andrews

Inside Mainmark: Introducing Laurie Andrews, NSW and ACT Business Development Manager

What is your role at Mainmark?

I’m a civil/structural engineer by trade and have worked in sales and business development for the last 15+ years. My role with Mainmark is very much about identifying new opportunities in civil, infrastructure and asset preservation industries, whilst also managing the NSW/ACT sales team. 

What do you most enjoy about working with Mainmark?

I really enjoy getting to understand a client’s problem, aligning the objectives of each client’s project to Mainmark’s capabilities, and then being able to deliver an innovative solution that will remediate the issue and ultimately satisfy the needs of the client. Mainmark offers a range of advanced industry leading technologies, and I like having the ability to deliver these innovative solutions to our clients. One example being non-invasive resin injection as a far more cost effective solution than traditional underpinning for resolving structural issues. Mainmark is unique in that it has the capability to provide niche market solutions.

I also enjoy the company’s positive culture and the support provided by the operations and delivery teams. Nothing is too hard for Mainmark – they make an effort to rise to the challenge and embrace change. This is a refreshing and enjoyable environment to work in. We have great people with a diverse mix of experience and I look forward to continued growth with the team.

What is the most interesting project you’ve worked on and why?

One project that particularly stands out was at a mine site where we stabilised an underground mine crusher situated at a depth of approximately 875m below ground level. It required a bespoke solution which needed to be applied within the pit area in a very confined space, under a heavy piece of equipment. This project involved numerous challenges that many other suppliers and contractors just wouldn’t have had the drive and tenacity to deliver; the logistics of accessing the location with personnel and equipment, developing the right formulation for the site conditions, then applying the specified grout to the base of the mine crusher.

By working closely with the client, our team was able to remediate the site using a combination of hand packed, high strength grout and resin injection to deliver a very successful bespoke outcome.

What is the most challenging project you’ve worked on and why?

Mainmark recently used Terefil to fill a void that had caused a sinkhole at a Lane Cove residential complex. This was another unique project with specific demands, including the sheer amount of cementitious material required to fill the void, and the difficult process of gaining stakeholder endorsement for the proposed solution. The project was a success, and it was very satisfying to see how effectively our Terefil product addressed the issue. The amount of positive feedback received from the client and residents of the apartment complex was also rewarding.

What do you enjoy doing in your downtime?

When I’m not sailing competitively on Sydney Harbour, I enjoy a good long walk with a café at the end.  I also appreciate a sip of red wine and reading a good book.

Laurie Andrews MainmarkBy Laurie Andrews

Laurie Andrews is Mainmark’s Business Development Manager for NSW & ACT. Laurie is a qualified civil and structural engineer with nearly 30 years experience working in the construction and engineering industry.