Civil and Infrastructure

Mainmark’s ground engineering and asset preservation solutions are designed to re-support or rehabilitate civil infrastructure to enhance the safety and stability of ports, rail, roads, and other public infrastructure.

Ground subsidence, deteriorating concrete and steel infrastructure, and broken pipelines can cause dangerous public safety issues and expensive damage to public utilities and infrastructure.

We use cutting-edge technologies that resolve infrastructure issues with minimal disruption and downtime. Mainmark’s solutions are environmentally inert and designed for fast, easy application.

We can:

  • Re-support and re-level large, complex public infrastructure using the award-winning JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting technique
  • Raise, re-level and re-support public road and rail infrastructure using our proprietary Teretek engineered resin solution
  • Fill large underground holes and voids quickly and cost-effectively with Terefil, our advanced engineered lightweight cementitious fill
  • Compact and stabilise slopes and embankments to control erosion and provide safer site access using Permeation Grouting
  • Improve and strengthen foundations of large public buildings using Jet Grouting
  • Protect, seal, and revitalise concrete and steel assets using ENCAP6, an innovative spray-on corrosion protection solution
  • Renew damaged high pressure water, oil, gas, or chemical pipelines, or provide protection for existing ones, using Primus Line trenchless flexible hose technology
  • Rehabilitate and renew high-traffic and chemically-affected concrete slabs and road areas using Ultra-Panels, abrasion-resistant and durable pre-cast ultra-high performance concrete slabs

Local councils and civil engineers trust Mainmark

“The cost of reconstruction was prohibitive. Mainmark’s ENCAP6 proved a cost-effective and durable solution. It allowed us to refurbish rather than excavate and rebuild access chambers, delivering significant cost savings.”