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Media & Press Releases

At Mainmark, we’re focused on delivering quality projects worldwide. Here are some of the most recent media and press release articles.

Council Magazine – 23rd December 2022

For councils around Australia, asset management is a crucial responsibility, one that is becoming increasingly difficult to manage as more climate-related issues arise. From extreme heat to devastating floods and severe storms, councils often spend significant time and resources recovering and replacing damaged assets, causing community and environmental disruption. To eliminate this, councils are turning to innovative solutions to manage assets proactively.

Council Magazine – 19th October 2022

Australia is known for its iconic beaches, with water access playing a major part in the country’s way of life. In many cities and suburbs, seawalls are a valuable asset for protecting low-lying waterfront infrastructure – creating a barrier between open water and its picturesque bordering environments; reducing erosion and protecting urban assets.

Teretek® Stabilises Concrete Roadway at the City of Canada Bay – 11th July 2022

The city of Canada Bay in Sydney’s inner west is one of the handful of Council areas in Australia that have rigid pavements (concrete slab roadways). While concrete slabs make excellent long-lasting heavy-duty pavements they can become susceptible to deterioration due to water ingress.

Preserving heritage buildings to keep communities strong – 17th June 2022

As Australia’s suburbs and cities grow, it’s critical for local governments to prioritise the preservation of heritage listed buildings, to not only provide an opportunity for a community to ponder its history, but because these buildings play a significant role in society and offer many social, economic and sustainability benefits to locals.

Looking after the hidden heroes of infrastructure – 23rd May 2022

Culverts are the hidden heroes of the infrastructure sector. While they rarely receive the same reverence as bridges, tunnels and road networks, they are vital in ensuring the safe operation of our roads, rail, buildings and structures.

Tunnel Time… 1st April 2022

More time, planning for tunnel projects key to functional cities. As traffic density continues to increase with population, keeping society from grinding to a halt often rests on tunnel infrastructure.

Bespoke Culvert Relining Delivers Engineered Solution for Major Infrastructure Project – 29th March 2022

Mainmark’s Toowoomba Bypass project has received a Good Design Award for its role in upgrading and repairing the $1.6 billion Toowoomba Bypass, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Queensland history. Good design Australia awarded Mainmark with the prestigious accolade in the Engineering Design category in recognition of outstanding design and innovation.

Fixing our tunnel vision is the key to having functional cities – 23rd February 2022

As traffic density continues to increase with population, keeping society from grinding to a halt often rests on our tunnel infrastructure. Tunnels help to alleviate congestion, promote smoother traffic flow, and minimise disruption in built-up areas.

Good Design accolade for Toowoomba Bypass project – 8th February 2022

Mainmark’s Toowoomba Bypass project, as featured in the September issue of Council Leader, has received a Good Design Award for its role in upgrading and repairing the $1.6 billion Toowoomba Bypass, one of the largest infrastructure projects in Queensland history. Good Design Australia awarded Mainmark with the prestigious accolade in the Engineering Design category in recognition of outstanding design and innovation.

The slow destructive power of trees – what you need to know – 13th December 2021

Without proper consideration and monitoring, tree roots can cause damage to buildings, paths, driveways, and underground infrastructure. A tree’s influence starts, literally, at the roots. The roots will continue to grow as a tree matures, extending towards anything that will maintain the tree’s life. Roots typically seek out moist soil and will often find entry into old or damaged pipes including stormwater drains, sewage pipes and water mains.

Ask Fuzzy: What causes sinkholes? – 14th November 2021

Sinkholes can appear suddenly, often with dramatic and serious consequences. While the ground may seem to unexpectedly collapse, the reality is that sinkholes generally develop over a period of time until the ground above simply loses support and gives way, leaving a gaping hole. Sinkholes have appeared around the world in all manner of locations – beaches and oceans, residential gardens, motorways, even shopping centre car parks.

How can different soils affect your house?

We may not think too hard about the ground when we buy, sell or renovate houses, but there are geological properties underneath our home’s foundations that can affect its structural integrity. Soil types vary across the country and can contribute to a range of issues from small cracks in our walls to serious damage due to ground settlement or subsidence.

Ensuring broken pipe premiums are not money down the drain

Australians seeking an insurance provider for their home, investment property or other private building asset are advised to compare policies closely to determine whether coverage for broken pipes suits the particular risk factors for their situation and location.

New approaches to tacking Queensland’s geotechnical challenges

Queensland’s diverse geography, extreme weather patterns and high density development can present unique challenges for city planners ad project managers. Underlying soil conditions may impact the construction or remediation of new and existing structures, requiring specialist site assessments and customised solutions.

An engineering accolade for Mainmark at the Good Design Awards

Mainmark has been recognised for its role in upgrading and repairing the $1.6 billion Toowoomba Bypass, with the engineering firm receiving a Good Design Award in the Engineering Design category.

Future-proofing the Toowoomba Bypass Project

Mainmark used a bespoke engineered solution, including their proprietary Terefil to reline, repair and future-proof the $1.6 billion Toowoomba Bypass development’s key drainage. Terefil’s lightweight, cementitious fill material, consisting of cement slurry and pre-formed hydrocarbon foam, provided stability and longevity to one of the largest infrastructure investments in Queensland history.

Toowoomba bypass engineering firm wins prestigious design award

Mainmark, a ground engineering specialist firm, has received a Good Design Award for its role in upgrading and repairing the $1.6 billion Toowoomba Bypass (formerly known as Toowoomba Second Range Crossing), one of the largest infrastructure projects in Queensland’s history.

Toowoomba bypass fix attracts design award

Ground engineering company Mainmark has received a Good Design Award for its role in upgrading and repairing the $1.6 billion Toowoomba Second Range Crossing after reinforced concrete pipe culverts beneath the road cracked.

Watch for signs of home subsidence in warmer months

As Australia’s weather transitions into the seasons of spring and then summer, it’s important to remember the hotter and drier conditions not only affect our personal comfort but also our homes.

Mainmark Overcomes Site Challenges with Innovative Raft Slabs

When Offset Developments, a residential building company began construction on a four-unit complex in Christchurch, it encountered a significant challenge when it came to laying the foundations.

Water Treatment Plant Re-lined

Mainmark delivered a long-term asset preservation solution for a freshwater treatment plant at Glen Innes, Northern NSW, with the rectification of deteriorated linings for three filter ponds and a clarifier tank.

Can dry weather affect my home?

Wet weather and soggy, muddy conditions are often blamed as the primary culprit for structural issues in our homes. However, the truth is that prolonged dry periods can be just as harmful to the stability of our foundations. According to civil engineer and Mainmark business development manager James O’Grady, extended dry spells have a significant impact on the ground and subsequently, on building foundations.

Gold Coast waterfront revetment wall and pathway stabilised

Queensland’s Gold Coast is known for its surf beaches, elaborate inland canals and waterways. Revetment walls are a common feature in the region, playing an important role protecting the boundaries of waterfront properties from the effects of erosion that can occur as a result of tidal movements and boating activity.

Three common considerations when building on sloping or elevated building sites

With thousands of communities across Australia situated in areas with hills, slopes and embankments, home hunters relish the idea of living in a home taking in stunning views and natural light.

Why now is an ideal time to invest in essential infrastructure maintenance

There are currently billions of dollars being invested into infrastructure projects to help drive the economy out of a post-pandemic slump. However, while a flurry of new civil construction works will fuel growth, boosting jobs and productivity, it is equally important to service and maintain existing assets that provide essential service for Australian communities.

Why paying attention to specialised resins and coatings is vital for protecting Australia’s water infrastructure

Water supply systems such as damns, tanks and sewage treatment plants provide essential services for Australian communities. And while these marvels of engineering undertake important functions, we must also acknowledge that their quality and longevity play a vital role in maintaining the comforts of modern society. It is why specialised resins, gels and coatings for asset preservation can be just as important – if not more – as the water infrastructure they serve.

Buying or selling a property with foundation issues

PURCHASING and maintaining a property is, for many, the biggest investment of their lifetime and for homeowners looking to sell their property, structural defects caused by ground subsidence can significantly reduce the final sale price of this investment.

Ground Stabilisation Solutions For Building On Coastal Sandy Soils

With almost 50,000kms of coastline and more than 10,000 beaches around Australia, it’s only natural that many Australians choose to live by the ocean. Yet, despite the lifestyle benefits of coastal living, construction methods near a shoreline typically need more careful consideration to account for the loose, sandy soil conditions prevalent in these areas.

Project Update: Project Manager – Lake Walls

Through innovative processes, we’re working on our Lake walls to give them at least another 50 years of life! So as you’re walking or cycling around Lake Burley Griffin check it out as our Project Manager Adam Deutsch, explains!

Subsidence and its risks

Post-quake every day New Zealanders were introduced to a number of new terms relating to engineering and ground movement.

How collaboration between trades and ground engineering specialists can remediate properties

While cracked walls, uneven floors and jammed doors and windows can all be visible signs of potential problems with foundation ground, homeowners often initially call upon trades people to help restore their home to its original condition. It is during this process of inspecting and fixing these issues that ground engineering specialist, Mainmark, may be called in.

Lake Walls Work

A delicate, high-tech operation is underway, to shore-up the safety and stability of Lake Burley Griffin’s historic walls.

The Federal Government’s pumping $3 million into the project, so the structure can stand-up to the elements, for years to come.

Maintaining integrity

If your home has compromised structural integrity it will likely be most evident when trying to sell – and it may fetch a significantly lower price because of it.

Speaking to West Real Estate, Mainmark Ground Engineering Head of Sales Australia and New Zealand Steve Piscetek said while Western Australia had a relatively healthy building sector, structural damage did occur for a number of reasons.

Cost-effective ways to remediate the ground beneath warehouse and logistics infrastructure

James O’Grady, Business Development Manager at Mainmark Ground Engineering offers his advice on spotting signs of subsidence and ways to minimise downtime when addressing them.

Unprecedented dry weather causes Sydney homes to crack

Some concerned Sydneysiders have noticed cracks emerge in their homes as the drought continues to bite in the city, with one firm reporting inquiries into the issue doubled over summer.

Forging a career in ground engineering

There are many areas of practice for engineers and while specialisation begins at university, with students choosing the type of degree to undertake, professional direction often becomes clearer through on-the-job experience.


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