Alan Jeary Award AIB

Dr Alan Jeary wins AIB Professional Excellence Award highlighting local STRAAM project

As the exclusive partner of STRAAM technology in ANZ, Mainmark was particularly proud to be present as Dr Alan Jeary won the Research, Development and Technology category at the National Professional Excellence in Building Awards for 2018 on 7th September.

The awards, hosted by the Australian Institute of Building (AIB), honour national leaders in construction, with Dr Jeary recognised for developing STRAAM technology for risk assessment and management. Mainmark identified this technology as becoming increasingly important for building and infrastructure projects, leading to the establishment of a local partnership with STRAAM two years ago.

STRAAM (or STructural Risk Assessment And Management) is a technology that measures a structure’s ‘heartbeat’, or the normal vibrations that occur in response to environmental factors, and identifies any abnormal responses that may indicate structural damage or weakness.

STRAAM has been used successfully across a number of projects locally and internationally to help identify structural and stability issues in real-time. In 2016, the Guardian Early Learning Centre in Sydney’s Camperdown found STRAAM invaluable when the childcare centre sought to determine whether adding landscaping features and additional equipment to a rooftop play area would be structurally sound and meet Australian Standards for safety. The project, which was referenced in the winning National Professional Excellence in Building Awards submission, enabled the Guardian Early Learning Centre to proceed safely with its upgrade.

(Photo of Dr Alan Jeary with medal courtesy of Bradley Cummings) 

Dr Jeary, a structural engineer, spent decades researching how buildings respond to external impacts before developing STRAAM. It was through his unique depth of experience and years of research that Dr Jeary discovered that vibrations can tell you everything you need to know about a building’s integrity, including how it responds to nearby construction over time.  Learn more about STRAAM.

Dr Jeary celebrated the win with Mainmark colleagues and friends at the awards dinner held at the National Arboretum in Canberra.

Mainmark congratulates Dr Jeary and all award winners of the AIB National Professional Excellence in Building Awards.

Laurie Andrews MainmarkBy Joe Glanville

Joe Glanville is Mainmark’s ANZ Commercial Manager. He has over 15 years’ experience in the Construction Industry, acquiring broad commercial, construction and project management skills.