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Protect your asset

Ground Improvement & Re-levelling for Homes

Re-level your concrete slabs

Helping to protect your biggest asset.

Mainmark has raised, re-levelled and re-supported homes and other residential buildings for more than 25 years, delivering successful solutions to thousands of properties.

Our ground improvement and level correction methods can address foundation subsidence and are effective for helping to fix cracks in walls or re-level sunken floors in homes of any size. Our solutions are also used for slab lifting foundation slabs and large driveways.

✓ Cost effective – compared to traditional underpinning

✓ Non-invasive and clean – no major excavations with minimal disruption to residents

✓ State-of-the-art engineered solution – modern alternative to traditional underpinning

✓ Time Efficient – on average your home can be re-levelled in as little as a day

✓ All in one service – project manage all jobs from start to finish, no need to deal with external service location contractors

✓ Peace of mind – backed by an industry leading 50 year product warranty and a licenced builder that provides Home Warranty Insurance/Builders Warranty Insurance where required


How much does Foundation Repair Cost?

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Submit your enquiry using our online form. Include a brief message about the type of foundation issues you are experiencing.

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Our friendly customer service team will be in touch to schedule a site assessment that suits you.

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One of the Mainmark experts will visit your home or property, assess the damage, and ascertain the likely cause. They will establish the approach needed, creating a plan specific to the needs of your building and provide you with a detailed quote.

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Hassle free

Unlike many level correction processes, our methods are very resident­-friendly.

We use non-invasive techniques likened to keyhole-surgery, so we don’t tear up floors and excavate ground (the injection holes can be as small as 6mm).
We are very quick many jobs are completed in a day.
Residents can usually stay in the home and may not even need to move much furniture.
We help strengthen the future of the house the methods we use strengthen weak ground, so your home generally becomes level, crack-free and more stable.
We don’t make mess there’s no concrete dust, water or anything else to clean up.
We don’t cause further damage in fact cracks generally close up and windows and doors become usable.
We provide peace of mind our resin injection method is backed by an industry leading 50 year product warranty. We are also a licenced builder that provides Home Warranty Insurance/Builders Warranty Insurance where required.


Providing You Peace of Mind

Teretek Resin Injection

This method injects expanding structural resins into very small holes that have been drilled into the concrete slab.

An irreversible reaction occurs as the injected material mixes, causing it to expand and set. The mixture fills any voids caused by unsettling, strengthening and compacting weak ground. Finally, the force generated by the expansion lifts the home where required. We utilise our proprietary engineered resin solution, Teretek®, perfected by Mainmark after many years experience in fixing foundation ground issues and our knowledge of the unique local conditions. It has been used extensively in Christchurch earthquake repairs. Likened to keyhole surgery, this is a non-invasive, cost and time effective solution to get you back to level.

Learn about Teretek

JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting

JOG is a computer-controlled grouting re-leveling method that provides a very gentle lift, over large areas.

A number of small holes are drilled, with grout delivered at multiple injection sites. Layers of grout are built up progressively to lift and ‘float’ the structure at specific points, bringing it back to level. JOG uses a computer-controlled system, delivering a continuous and balanced lift. The JOG method is a non-invasive solution for correcting subsidence of buildings, floors and other structures – it’s a time efficient and cost effective method.

Learn about JOG Computer Controlled Grouting

Problems we solve
for our clients

Cracked Walls

Fast, cost-effective and non-invasive subsidence solution to fix cracked walls.

Sining Floors & Slabs

Fast, clean and non-invasive lifting of sinking floors and concrete slabs.

Jammed Doors or Windows

Our solutions are more cost-effective, with minimal disruption to the area.

Out of Level Concrete

We offer the most advanced house re-levelling and underpinning technology in the market.

Earthquake Damage

The world’s most advanced earthquake remediation, liquefaction mitigation and ground strengthening technologies.

Underpinning Repair

Resin Injection – the modern alternative to traditional underpinning. Description here


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