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About mainmark

Our history

Mainmark UK

Mainmark Ground Engineering (UK) Ltd is a subsidiary of the Mainmark group of companies established in 2016. Mainmark is an acclaimed, privately owned firm headquartered in Australia.

In 2021, the company inaugurated a new operational hub in Hampshire, and in 2022, it expanded its presence by opening another hub in the Greater Manchester area. Mainmark UK is experiencing rapid growth, extending its reach not only within the UK but also by delivering its expertise and services to projects across Europe.

As part of the Mainmark group, our companies are known for providing innovative and efficient solutions to a wide array of ground engineering challenges across various sectors, including residential, industrial, commercial, and civil engineering.

Industry leaders since 1989

Mainnmark has led the industry for re-levelling, ground improvement and void-filling solutions, developing and delivering the world’s most advanced and accurate solutions.

As a global ground engineering and asset preservation company, we draw on over three decades of experience and knowledge in leading, developing and delivering the most advanced and accurate ground improvement, re-levelling and void-filling solutions across residential, commercial, infrastructure and mining sectors.

With over 82,000 completed projects across Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and the United Kingdom, we have built a global reputation for delivering innovative solutions to some of the most iconic projects in the world, earning international recognition as an award-winning ground engineering organisation.

Mainmark is a privately owned company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. We have successfully grown our global presence over the last 20 years and have 18 office locations worldwide.

Expert capability

We have the expert capability in complex re-levelling, ground improvement and void Filling projects covering a broad range of structures and ground conditions.

The core to Mainmark’s success is our continual investment in research and development, always seeking to find new and better ways to improve our solutions and provide the best possible outcome for our clients.Our team of skilled professionals plan, supervise, and execute all projects. With deep expertise in their field, Mainmark’s personnel consistently deliver exceptional results, making us a trusted partner for Tier 1 projects and homeowners alike.

As leaders in the ground engineering field, we are active across several sectors, utilising the latest innovation, solutions and technology to perform to a level, unmatched within our industry.

Our awards

Mainmark is proud to be recognised as the leader in ground engineering solutions

International project of the year

Christchurch art gallery

Project of the year

Mays lane

Key highlights

A proven industry leader

Our vision

We are the first-choice ground engineering, asset repair and preservation partner, solving complex challenges that others cannot

Our mission

With international scale and local expertise, our people collaborate with clients to maintain the value, serviceability and safety of their buildings and structural assets. From homes that represent a family’s most important investment to public and commercial buildings, infrastructure, and industrial structures, we preserve, protect and restore using specialist, innovative solutions and technologies. Our satisfaction and pride are derived from solving problems more effectively and efficiently than conventional methods.

Our core values

Delivering exceptional outcomes to our
clients, partners and team.


We were founded to be the best and we continue to strive for excellence.


We prioritise the health, wellbeing and safety of our people, our clients and the environments in which we operate.


We approach our work with professionalism, which is evident in how we present ourselves, interact with others and deliver projects.


We promote diversity in the workplace and nurture an open, respectful culture where everyone is heard.


We are passionate about what we do, we work closely as a team and in partnership with our clients.


We are resourceful and continually improve, innovate and think creatively to solve problems.

Our team

Meet our highly experienced team


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Mainmark Ground Engineering (UK) Ltd.

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