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Underpinning a house

Are you considering underpinning your house?

Traditional methods of underpinning a house aim to improve the ground under the foundations. It is usually a treatment for subsidence or other problems with the soil beneath your home.

Underpinning a house can be a complicated, lengthy and costly process. The good news is, it’s not the only option for residential properties. Here at Mainmark, we provide fast, non-invasive and reliable solutions to common problems associated with ground movement or poor soil quality under your home.

Our Teretek® engineered resin injection technology and JOG computer-controlled grouting solution are alternatives to mechanical jacking and other traditional house underpinning solutions and can be used to provide:


  • Ground improvement – Our technologies can increase load-bearing capacity and mitigate liquefaction under existing homes.
  • Lifting and re-levelling – Resin or cementitious grout is injected under the foundations,
    bringing your home back to level
  • Void filling – Injecting resin or cement into voids within the soil will help to support the

If you’re considering underpinning a house due to poor soil quality, subsidence or other problems, Mainmark’s award-winning solutions may be a better choice.

Our technologies are quick to implement, cost-effective and result in minimal disruption to you and your family – giving you peace of mind that your home is safe and on solid foundations.

How does it work?

How underpinning a house works

The process of underpinning a house can be expensive, time-consuming and a messy project. It involves excavating the soil underneath the foundations, removing it from the site and replacing it with concrete.

During the underpinning process, residents will need to leave their homes – usually for several weeks – and they may need to remove all their belongings as well. There are also implications upon return as the process can be messy and will require remediation work, whether it is gardening, patio or decking repairs or redecoration of rooms in a home.

Mainmark technologies speed up and simplify the project significantly. Our solutions can be implemented within just a day and there’s no need for the family to leave the house or pack up their things and move to alternative accommodation.

As opposed to underpinning a house, Mainmark solutions are quick, clean and cost-effective. They involve drilling small holes beneath the foundation and sometimes through the floors within the home. Then a resin or cement is injected during a controlled process and can:

● Gently lift and re-level the house
● Improve and strengthen and compact the soil
● Fill in any voids under your house

Once our engineers have completed the work, the floors can be walked on immediately and cars can be parked on drives straight away.

There is no need to restore your garden and patio and wall cracks can close slightly as the home is re-levelled. Redecoration may be needed to make your house look new and fresh again.


Fast, cost effective & non-invasive alternative solutions to underpinning a house


Mainmark technologies – modern alternatives for underpinning a house

Teretek® – Undeprinnig a house alternative through resin injection

  • Teretek® is an engineered solution for ground improvement and re-levelling subsided residential homes, using a plural component, expanding polyurethane resin. Teretek® works in a way similar to keyhole surgery. Small holes are drilled under the foundation in order for Mainmark’s proprietary, environmentally inert resin to be injected under the house foundation, improving the stability of the ground and re-levelling the home.
Teretek® resin injection technology

Undeprinnig a house alternative with JOG computer-controlled grouting

  • JOG computer-controlled grouting is a multi-point injection technique. This technology typically uses cementitious grout to re-level structures, including residential homes. This means that cementitious grout is injected under the foundations of your home, using computers to accurately control the injection amounts in the various predetermined locations.
JOG computer controlled grouting

Mainmark technology benefits

Benefits of Mainmark’s treatments as alternatives to underpinning a house


Our technologies are installed quickly and can be walked or driven on soon after.

Environmentally inert

We use safe materials that are non-toxic and do not leach into the environment or affect the treated area.


Our solutions are surgical in nature, causing minimal disruption to you or your family.


Compared to other solutions, our technologies cost significantly less.


We’re happy to have helped

Underpinning a house FAQ’s
Can I live in my house during underpinning?

Whether you can live in a house during underpinning will depend on the extent of work required and on how invasive the remedial work will be. You should always check if your home insurance policy should cover you for alternative accommodation if it means the property is uninhabitable during traditional underpinning. 

There is no need to relocate with some modern alternatives to underpinning, such as geopolymer resin injection. The remedial work can often be completed in a day and cause minimum disruption to your home and family.

Mainmark’s Teretek® resin injection method is minimally invasive, often allowing homeowners to remain in their houses during the alternative underpinning method. This method involves injecting a resin into the ground beneath the foundations, where it expands and solidifies, stabilising the soil and lifting the foundation. Teretek reduces the need for extensive excavation or disruption to your daily life.

Does all subsidence require underpinning of a house?

Not necessarily all subsidence will result in a house needing underpinning. Subsidence can often be addressed with remedial methods less intensive than traditional underpinning. Mainmark’s Teretek® geopolymer resin injection technology solution is designed to address subsidence by stabilising and potentially lifting the foundation without the need for extensive excavation, intensive remedial works and relatively high costs often connected with traditional underpinning. This method is particularly effective for correcting subsidence caused by issues like soil shrinkage or erosion.

How deep do you have to go for underpinning?

The depth required for underpinning, and related excavation works, varies based on the specific foundation issue and soil conditions. Mainmark’s innovative techniques, such as the Teretek® resin injection, involve injecting material deep into the ground but do not require traditional deep excavation. This approach allows for a more precise, targeted solution that addresses the underlying causes of foundation problems.

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