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Resin injection underpinning

Resin injection underpinning

If a building is experiencing subsidence, a resin injection underpinning alternative is a fast and reliable solution that can save time and money compared to traditional underpinning.

With Mainmark’s Teretek® resin injection underpinning alternative, there’s no need for the excavation and digging associated with traditional underpinning. We drill small 16mm holes under the foundations of the building, and if required through the floor slab, and inject an inert resin formulation that fills voids, improves the soil, increases the ground’s load-bearing capacity and can also gently re-level the building or structure if required.

Our resin injection underpinning alternative is a durable and effective solution to many common causes of subsidence in commercial buildings, including:

  • Soil shrinkage  – Flooding or extended dry periods can deplete soil moisture, causing the soil under foundations to fail.
  • Erosion – Wash out of fine material due to defective drains is just one of the examples.
  • Heavy traffic – Local traffic can cause subsurface vibrations, leading to subsidence in nearby properties.
  • Historical land use – Mining, fracking and other previous activities can play a role in subsidence issues.

Our Teretek® resin injection underpinning alternative has successfully resolved subsidence issues for a wide range of applications. We also offer JOG computer-controlled grouting, another option for overcoming subsidence.

Both solutions have been effective in projects from factories and offices to public buildings, heritage projects and retail centres. They are also suitable for residential homes. Successful deployment in recent years includes rail and road networks and bridges, industrial plant, airport runways and other industrial buildings and infrastructure.

Resin injection underpinning vs traditional underpinning

Traditional underpinning is a complicated and time-consuming process that involves digging out from under the foundations of a building and then adding piling or mass concrete. The process can take weeks or months to complete, and while work is carried out, the building must be unoccupied.

Mainmark’s Teretek® resin injection underpinning alternative simplifies the process so that commercial properties experience minimal downtime, protecting the businesses that use the buildings and property owners.

Our resin injection and computer-controlled grouting techniques are:

  • Quick to implement – Work is usually completed within one or two days, and surfaces are immediately trafficable.
  • Minimal disruption – Resin injection underpinning alternative treatment is carried out using surgical precision.
  • Flexible – Our resin materials can be customised in terms of density, strength and flow rate to suit project requirements.
  • Tidy and self-contained – While traditional can be messy and detrimental to landscaping, resin injection underpinning is a clean solution with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
  • Long-lasting and reliable – The resin is environmentally inert and remains in the ground to continue supporting the structure for many years.

Resin injection underpinning technologies


Teretek® – Resin injection underpinning alternative

Teretek® is an engineered solution for re-levelling subsided buildings that utilises a plural component, expanding polyurethane resin. The expansion force of the material results in the controlled lift of structures, with a by-product of localised bearing capacity improvement through soil densification.

Teretek® resin injection technology

JOG computer-controlled grouting underpinning alternative

JOG computer-controlled grouting uses a multi-point injection technique to insert cementitious grout materials under foundations. It can be used under commercial and residential buildings ranging from single-storey shops to high-rise structures. The injected materials have a controlled set time, which allows for the precise lifting of a structure.

JOG computer-controlled grouting

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Mainmark technology benefits

Benefits of Mainmark’s treatments for resin injection underpinning


Resin injection treatment can be completed within a matter of days or hours.


Resin injection treatment can be carried out without the need for excavation or extensive disruption.

Environmentally inert

We use safe materials that are non-toxic and do not leach into the environment or affect the treated area.

Varied density choices

Material density can range from 30 to 1500 kg/m3.

High strength

Our materials can achieve strengths of 50 kPa to more than 20 MPa.

Variable flow properties

With variable set times ranging from seconds to hours, materials can be precisely controlled and pumped over long distances.

Case studies

Featured case studies

Soil stabilisation FAQ’s
What happens with unlevel driveways, floors and hardstand areas?

After the application of the Mainmark solution, unlevel surfaces will become aligned again as the ground underneath is strengthened and re-supported. Simple cosmetic repairs may be required.

Will there be a mess?

Very little, if any. We use Teretek® engineered Resin Injection technology, which is likened to “keyhole surgery”, or JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting, with no major excavation and minimal disruption or mess. The injection holes required are very small.

How long does it take?

Each project is different and depends on the required amount of lift, area for correction, building construction, and ground conditions. Most projects can be completed in a day or two, and we can work at night or on one area at a time, so your business can keep operating.

Do i need to send my workers home?

No, most projects don’t require you to vacate the premises or even move furniture or equipment. For the most part, you can keep operating as normal. Driveways can often be driven on in as little as 30 minutes after treatment.

What warranty will i get?

The materials we use have been developed for use underground and have been specifically engineered to resist shrinkage and deterioration. Teretek® is warranted by Mainmark for an industry-leading period of 50 years.

Is it safe and environmentally friendly?

Injected Teretek® and JOG materials are environmentally inert and have no detrimental effects on the environment.

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