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Signs of subsidence

What are the signs of subsidence?

Common signs of subsidence include cracks in walls, sticking doors and windows and uneven floors. If you’ve noticed any signs of subsidence in your home, it’s important to get expert advice as soon as possible. Ignoring them will only allow the problem – and any potential damage to your home – to get worse.

Mainmark offers quick, reliable and cost-effective subsidence solutions to treat subsidence in residential homes. Our team can carry out surveys to:

  • Examine the signs of subsidence
  • Diagnose the problem
  • Advise on the next steps

Our Teretek® resin injection solution and JOG computer-controlled grouting technologies address the root causes of subsidence by improving the ground the structure is built on, giving you peace of mind about your home’s long-term safety and stability.

Using cementitious grout or an environmentally inert resin precisely injected into the ground, we fill in any voids under the foundations of your home. This strengthens the ground underneath the house, re-levels it if needed and prevents further damage. Subsidence treatment using our methods can usually be completed in a day. After that, the original signs of subsidence, such as cracks in walls or damaged doorframes, may require additional repair, cosmetic improvements and redecoration.

Signs of subsidence

Recognising the signs of subsidence

Subsidence occurs when the ground beneath your home sinks, settles or moves. Identifying the signs of subsidence and dealing with the problem as soon as possible can help prevent any additional damage to your home. Signs of subsidence include:

● Cracks in walls, floors or ceilings – These cracks are usually at least 3mm thick. In walls, they’re likely to be wider at the top.
● Doors and windows sticking – As walls move, door and window frames may become distorted, causing windows and doors to stick or not open and close properly.
● Uneven floors – Because subsidence can cause the ground under your home to become uneven, it can lead to sloped or sinking floors.
● Extensions or conservatory subsidence and separating – If your home has an extension or a conservatory examine the joints between the extension and the main building. If it looks as if the extension is pulling away, it may be a sign of subsidence.
● Ripples or creases in wallpaper – When wallpaper acts up, homeowners often think it’s caused by damp, but if there are no signs of moisture, it may mean that the walls are moving due to subsidence.
● Leaning of the house – As the foundation shifts, the whole house may lean to one side.
● Bay windows – The historical misconception that bay windows are lighter structural elements that require a shallower foundation than the main house, leads to bay windows in older homes being particularly vulnerable to subsidence.


Fast, cost effective & non-invasive solutions to treat signs of subsidence


Mainmark technologies for treatment when the signs of subsidence appear

Teretek® – Subsidence signs remediation through resin injection

  • Teretek® is an engineered solution for ground improvement and re-levelling subsided residential homes, using a plural component, expanding polyurethane resin. Teretek® works in a way similar to keyhole surgery. Small holes are drilled under the foundation in order for Mainmark’s proprietary, environmentally inert resin to be injected under the house foundation, improving the stability of the ground and re-levelling the home.
Teretek® resin injection technology

Subsidence signs remediation with JOG computer-controlled grouting

  • JOG computer-controlled grouting is a multi-point injection technique. This technology typically uses cementitious grout to re-level structures, including residential homes. This means that cementitious grout is injected under the foundations of your home, using computers to accurately control the injection amounts in the various predetermined locations.
JOG computer controlled grouting

Mainmark technology benefits

Benefits of Mainmark’s treatments that deal with signs of subsidence


Our technologies are installed quickly and can be walked on soon after.

Environmentally inert

We use safe materials that are non-toxic and do not leach into the environment or affect the treated area.


Our solutions are surgical in nature, causing minimal disruption to you or your family.


Compared to other solutions, our technologies cost significantly less.


We’re happy to have helped

Soil stabilisation FAQ’s
What happens with unlevel driveways, floors and hardstand areas?

After the application of the Mainmark solution, unlevel surfaces will become aligned again as the ground underneath is strengthened and re-supported. Simple cosmetic repairs may be required.

Will there be a mess?

Very little, if any. We use Teretek® engineered Resin Injection technology, which is likened to “keyhole surgery”, or JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting, with no major excavation and minimal disruption or mess. The injection holes required are very small.

How long does it take?

Each project is different and depends on the required amount of lift, area for correction, building construction, and ground conditions. Most projects can be completed in a day or two, and we can work at night or on one area at a time, so your business can keep operating.

Do i need to send my workers home?

No, most projects don’t require you to vacate the premises or even move furniture or equipment. For the most part, you can keep operating as normal. Driveways can often be driven on in as little as 30 minutes after treatment.

What warranty will i get?

The materials we use have been developed for use underground and have been specifically engineered to resist shrinkage and deterioration. Teretek® is warranted by Mainmark for an industry-leading period of 50 years.

Is it safe and environmentally friendly?

Injected Teretek® and JOG materials are environmentally inert and have no detrimental effects on the environment.

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