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Infrastructure ground engineering solutions

Infrastructure solutions

As the population of  United Kingdom continues to grow, increasing pressure is placed on existing infrastructure assets. Maintaining or replacing aging infrastructure presents many challenges, as it must operate within tight budgets and limit the impact on communities and the environment. This is why employing non-invasive, economical asset repair and preservation solutions is critically important.

Maintaining infrastructure assets is crucial for public safety and can be an expensive process, especially as infrastructure ages and the cost of repairs increases.

If maintenance is deferred, repairs become more extensive and create a bigger drain on resources. Finding solutions to increase the lifespan of existing infrastructure and avoid complex reconstruction is an effective way to reduce budget demands.

For 35 years, Mainmark has developed and delivered advanced technologies for ground engineering and asset preservation, working with customers to provide void filling, ground improvement and re-levelling solutions.

Mainmark are primarily self-perform contractors with extensive in-house technical capability, which allows us to intricately manage the complexities and mitigate the risk profile of the projects we deliver. We undertake detailed planning and staging for our projects to ensure appropriate risk management is undertaken at an early stage and throughout the project.

Sectors we service

Roads, bridges & culverts

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Ports & seawalls

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Mainmark’s industry
leading technologies


Our Teretek® technology provides a solution to address subsided structures, improve ground, and fill voids.

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Our Terefil® technology provides an advanced lightweight cellular concrete for soil replacement, large void filling, and pipe abandonment.

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JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting

Our JOG technology is a state of the art, computer controlled, multipoint injection system.

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Permeation Grouting

Permeation grouting is the most widely used pressure grouting technique that stabilises soil prior to excavation or construction.

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Mainmark’s specialised
in-house solutions

Ground improvement

Ground improvement modifies a soil’s properties, improving its load bearing capacity or resilience against liquefaction.


We re-level buildings that have experienced subsidence, settlement, or other structural issues leading to uneven floors and foundation cracks.

Void filling

Comprehensive void filling solutions for diverse market sectors, using specialised chemical or cementitious grouts.

Slab lifting

Our non-invasive and cost-effective solution is a safe way of re-levelling concrete slabs with soil settlement or subsidence problems.

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