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Soil stabilisation

Soil stabilisation for improved load-bearing capacity

An adequate foundation is crucial for the long-term durability and safety of a building. When the soil beneath a structure deteriorates, it can result in structural damage and pose safety risks to its occupants. Soil stabilisation is a ground improvement process that enhances the properties of the soil, enabling it to effectively support the weight of the building or infrastrcture.

Mainmark has been providing ground engineering solutions around the world for more than 25 years. We offer reliable and value-engineered soil stabilisation solutions that will restore structural integrity and safety, and re-level the foundation.

Our team of soil stabilisation specialists is skilled in employing various modern and proven ground improvement techniques, including resin injection and computer controlled grouting. These provide a fast, affordable and reliable alternative to traditional methods such as mass concrete underpinning or piling.

Learn more about Teretek® and JOG Computer-controlled grouting.

What is soil stabilisation ?

Soil stabilisation is a term for ground improvement required for many residential, commercial and infrastructure projects across the UK where the ground conditions are not suitable for construction because the sub-grade soil is weak, wet or cohesive and can’t support the foundations of a planned structure.

Soil stabilisation aims to improve the bearing capacity of structural ground layers. This can be done using traditional techniques or by deploying techniques that use chemical binders. The latter produces the desired soil compaction without excavation, material removal and import of aggregates.

Soil stabilisation is frequently deployed on brownfield sites and for embankment stability. It can be used to improve the ground to support floor slab foundations or as a temporary solution during demolition and excavations on site.

Applications besides commercial and residential land development include airport taxiways, aprons and runways, railway embankments and roads, bridges, car parks and pavement construction.

Soil stabilisation technologies

Mainmark soil stabilisation technologies

Teretek® – Soil stabilisation through resin-injection

Teretek® resin injection technology is a swift and non-invasive solution suitable for commercial or residential applications. With the Teretek® resin injection technology method, we drill small holes through the ground-bearing slabs or the foundations into the underlying deteriorated soil strata. Through these holes, we inject our proprietary resin formula, which fills cracks or voids, stabilises the ground, and, if needed, restores the structure to its correct level. Soil stabilisation projects using Teretek® resin injection technology. can be completed with minimal disruption.

Teretek® resin injection technology

Soil stabilisation with JOG computer-controlled grouting

Mainmark utilises its award-winning JOG computer controlled  technology for improving foundation soils and re-levelling foundations for larger and more complex residential and commercial structures. JOG computer controlled grouting employs a high-mobility cementitious mix. The grout is pumped into the required injection depths to gently raise the structure. The process is meticulously monitored and controlled using laser sensors and computers, allowing for precise and incremental lifting. By minimising differential stresses, this method ensures exceptional levelling accuracy.

JOG computer controlled grouting

Mainmark technology benefits

Benefits of Mainmark’s treatments for soil stabilisation

Speed of operations

Contrasting traditional underpinning, our soil stabilisation methods can be carried out quickly, with many projects taking just a day to complete.

Minimal disruption

With resin injection and computer-controlled grouting, the building can remain occupied and its contents can remain in place.


Mainmark’s soil stabilisation techniques cost a fraction of traditional underpinning.

Environmentally friendly

Our methods are environmentally inert and have no detrimental effects on the environment.


With over 30 years of experience in soil stabilisation and ground engineering, Mainmark has built a rich portfolio of thousands of successful projects using our geopolymer, which has a design life of more than 120 years – and all projects are backed by a 20-year warranty.


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Soil stabilisation FAQ’s
What is the process of soil stabilisation?

Soil stabilisation is a process that maintains or improves the stability of weak soils and the overall bearing capacity of soil to achieve engineering goals. Modern methods involve incorporating additives into the soil to improve its strength and stiffness. Mainmark specialises in this process using advanced technologies.

Our flagship technology, Teretek® geopolymer resin injection, is a proprietary additive designed to enhance soil properties. When injected into the ground, it expands and hardens, thereby stabilising the soil by increasing its load-bearing capacity. This is ideal for structures experiencing subsidence or foundational issues.

What is used to stabilise soil?

Frequently used agents or binders to help stabilise soils to enhance their engineering properties and generate an improved construction material include among others:



-polymer resins

Mainmark offers soil stabilisation services that utilise Teretek® geopolymer resin injection, a unique solution that stands out for its effectiveness, fast project completion and environmental friendliness. Unlike traditional methods, Teretek® is less invasive and can be applied with minimal disruption, making it an excellent choice for residential and commercial properties requiring soil stabilisation.

What is the purpose of soil stabilisation?

The soil stabilisation process enhances load-bearing capacity, reduces settlement, and improves the overall engineering properties of the soil.  This is crucial in maintaining the structural integrity of buildings and infrastructure.

Mainmark’s soil stabilisation techniques, particularly using Teretek® geopolymer resin, are designed to address these issues effectively, providing a long-term solution to soil-related problems.

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