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Ground strengthening

Ground strengthening for commercial properties

When the ground beneath a commercial property begins to show signs of instability, it’s time to consider ground strengthening solutions. These techniques combat issues like subsidence, safeguarding the safety, stability and operational continuity of your valuable commercial buildings and the businesses inside them.

As experts in ground improvement technologies, Mainmark offers ground strengthening methods that are quick to implement, reliable and cost-effective. Our solutions:

  • Improve the soil’s load-bearing capacity and provide resilience against liquefaction
  • Fill voids in the soil under foundations, improving stability and supporting foundations
  • Lift structures, gently and accurately returning them to level

Our Teretek® resin injection, JOG computer-controlled grouting and Terefil® lightweight cementitious fill methods provide non-invasive alternatives to traditional ground improvement techniques and require no extensive digging or excavation. They are suitable for all types of commercial and residential buildings, from factories and retail sites to public buildings and social housing, as well as car parks, drives and paths. The commerical application includes airport runways, highways, rail, bridges as well as industrial plant.

Work can typically be completed within a matter of days, depending on the complexity of the project and the size of the building, with minimal disruption to occupants, operations or the public. There is no need to vacate the property while our ground-strengthening solutions are being implemented, roads are trafficable immediately.

Why is ground stabilisation required?

Ground stabilisation is a solution for subsidence, which can cause buildings to sink or lean, walls to crack and floors to become uneven. Subsidence can be caused by various natural and human-induced factors, including:

  • Drought or prolonged dry spells – During these periods, soil loses moisture and shrinks, leaving voids under the foundations.
  • Overgrowth of trees and shrubs – These can absorb moisture and dry out soil.
  • Soil erosion – This can be caused by heavy rainfall, flooding, damaged drains or broken pipes.
  • Soil decomposition – Soils with high organic content can decompose over time. This releases gases like carbon dioxide and methane and creates voids in the soil.
  • Nearby heavy traffic – Over time, the underground vibrations caused by heavy traffic can lead to soil compaction.
  • Historic mining activities – The removal of minerals or ores can leave underground voids that can cause the overlying rock and soil to collapse.

If signs of ground weakness, instability or subsidence are observed, quick action is necessary to prevent further damage. Mainmark’s ground strengthening solutions can address these problems, helping to keep your commercial property stable and secure.


Ground stabilisation technologies

Mainmark ground stabilisation technologies

Teretek® – Resin-injection for ground stabilisation

Teretek® is an engineered solution for re-levelling subsided structures that utilises a plural component, expanding polyurethane resin. The expansion force of the material results in the controlled lift of structures, with a by-product of localised bearing capacity improvement through soil densification.

Teretek® resin injection technology

Ground strengthening with JOG computer-controlled grouting

JOG computer-controlled grouting uses a multi-point injection technique to insert cementitious grout materials under foundations. It can be used under commercial buildings ranging from single-storey shops to high-rise structures. The injected materials have a controlled set time which allows for the precise lifting of a structure.

JOG computer-controlled grouting

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Mainmark technology benefits

Benefits of Mainmark’s treatments for ground strengthening


Our ground strengthening solutions can be completed within a matter of days or hours.

Immediately trafficable

Soon after work is completed, the area can be re-opened to foot traffic and vehicles.


Repairs are performed without the need for excavation or extensive disruption.


Compared to other solutions, our technologies cost significantly less.

Environmentally inert

We use safe materials that are non-toxic and do not leach into the environment or affect the treated area.


Our ground strengthening solutions provide long-term performance and protection for your investment.

Ground strengthening FAQ’s
What are the methods of ground strengthening?

Typical ground strengthening techniques include soil replacement, compaction grouting, jet grouting, and a variety of ground improvement methodologies including geopolymer resin injection. Ground strengthening is a crucial process for enhancing the bearing capacity and stability of soil to support structures. Mainmark offers several innovative and effective methods for ground strengthening:

  • Teretek® engineered resin injection: This is Mainmark’s proprietary solution, a two-part geopolymer resin that is injected into the ground. It expands, fills voids, and compacts loose soil, significantly increasing its bearing capacity. This method is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial applications as it is quick, clean, and minimally invasive, causing little to no disruption to the property.
  • Jet Grouting: A process where a high-velocity jet of grout is used to break up and mix the soil, creating a column of strengthened soil. Mainmark uses this technique for more significant projects, including infrastructure and large commercial buildings, where deep soil stabilisation is required.
  • Soil Nailing: This method involves inserting steel bars (nails) into the soil to reinforce and stabilise it. Mainmark employs this technique for slope stabilisation and retaining wall reinforcement, ensuring enhanced safety and stability.
  • Micro Piling: Mainmark offers micro piling solutions, which involve installing small diameter piles into the ground to provide foundational support for structures where traditional piling is not feasible due to access or ground conditions.
  • Compaction Grouting: A method where a thick grout is injected into the soil at high pressure, compacting the soil and filling voids. This technique is used by Mainmark to stabilise and lift foundations, especially in areas with problematic soils.

Each of these methods is tailored to meet the specific needs of a project, ensuring that ground conditions are adequately addressed. Mainmark’s expertise lies in evaluating the site conditions and recommending the most appropriate ground strengthening method to ensure long-term stability and safety.

What is meant by ground strengthening?

Ground strengthening refers to enhancing the load-bearing capacity and stability of the ground, often carried out before the construction phase to better support structures and infrastructure.

Mainmark excels in this field by offering cutting-edge, non-invasive solutions like their Teretek® engineered resin injection, which significantly enhances ground conditions without the need for excavation or heavy machinery. This innovative approach ensures a solid foundation for any construction or repair work, providing peace of mind and long-term reliability for property owners and managers.

What materials are used for ground strengthening?

Materials commonly used for ground strengthening include cement, lime, and various geotechnical reinforcements such as geotextiles or geogrids. Notably, Mainmark’s Teretek® geopolymer resin injection technology stands out as a cost-effective alternative capable of accomplishing these tasks in a fraction of the time compared to traditional approaches.

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