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Ground improvement

Ground improvement for commercial and infrastructure projects

Ensure reliable foundations with Mainmark’s industry leading ground improvement methods. As urbanisation and population growth surge, so does the need for engineered ground improvement.

Builders and developers are looking to transform previously unused land that was once deemed unsuitable. Meanwhile, existing buildings and infrastructure must be bolstered to cope with modern requirements and the environmental impact of the built environment must be minimised. Ground improvement services can help to ensure reliable foundation performance, as well as the longevity and safety of both retrofit and new-build structures.

With over 25-years of experience, Mainmark specialises in providing advanced ground improvement methods. Our solutions have been carefully developed to modify a soil’s properties and performance for swift and reliable results, increasing load-bearing capacity and providing resilience against liquefaction.

What is ground improvement?

The key to finding an effective, sustainable ground improvement solution for a specific project is an understanding of soils and ground conditions.

There are several soil types that we encounter in the UK. Clay soil, sand and silt soils, fill, organic and manmade soils.

The properties of some soil types, or soil types combination, mean that the ground engineering characteristics need to be improved using geotechnical techniques.

These include ground strengthening and soil stabilisation solutions to improve the load-bearing capacity of the soils.

Sinkhole repair and void filling are deployed in areas where cavities need to be filled and ground needs to be stabilised to prevent subsidence, whether as a part of an emergency or planned treatment.

Ground improvement solutions

Find out more about ground improvement solutions

Ground strengthening

A strong and reliable foundation requires robust ground underneath. In areas where the natural soil may not provide adequate support for a building’s weight or structural requirements, Mainmark’s ground strengthening services can improve stability and load-bearing capacity, ensuring that the soil beneath a structure provides the necessary performance.

Learn more about ground strengthening

Soil stabilisation

Soil stabilisation techniques provide a quick, effective and affordable solution for treating subsidence, helping to preserve the structural integrity and safety of buildings and infrastructure. An alternative to concrete underpinning, our solutions are quick to implement, cause minimal disruption and provide long-lasting reliable results.

Learn more about soil stabilisation

Sinkhole repair

Groundwater currents, heavy rainfall, floods, or leaking or burst drainage pipes can cause excess water to travel through the ground, washing out fines and causing cavities, and potentially triggering a sinkhole. Our sinkhole repair services fill the sinkholes and “glue” the surrounding rock together to prevent future occurrences.

Learn more about sinkhole repair

Void filling

Voids range from sinkholes to abandoned fuel tanks, unused pipelines, tunnels, manholes, mines and excavations. They can also form as the result of natural phenomena such as earthquakes or flooding. Depending on the size and nature of the void, it can be filled using resin injection or cementitious fill technologies.

Learn more about void filling

Pipe abandonment

Pipe abandonment without appropriate decommissioning can create serious safety hazards and environmental problems.

Our lightweight, engineered void fill solution for pipes of every size.

Learn more about pipe abandonment

Slope stabilisation

Slope stabilisation is a ground improvement measure that prevents or mitigates the erosion, instability or failure of natural or man-made slopes.

Learn more about slope stabilisation repair

Ground improvement with minimal disruption

Mainmark’s ground improvement technologies provide a fast, affordable and reliable alternative to traditional methods such as piling or concrete underpinning. Our methods minimise site disruption and work can often be completed in just a day.

Because of the non-invasive nature of our ground improvement technologies, it’s usually unnecessary for building occupants to vacate the property during work and building contents, including plant and machinery, can remain in place. Treated roadways, driveways and slabs can be used again after only a few hours.

Mainmark ground improvement technologies

Teretek® – Ground improvement with resin injection

Teretek® resin injection technology can be used to provide ground improvement beneath existing structures. We drill small holes through the ground-bearing slabs or the foundations into the deteriorated soil strata underneath. These holes are then used for injecting our specialist resin formula, filling cracks and voids, stabilising the ground and restoring the structure to its correct level.

JOG – Ground improvement with computer-controlled grouting

JOG computer-controlled grouting uses a high-mobility cementitious mix. This mix is pumped into multiple injection depths during a meticulously monitored process that deploys laser sensors and computers. This is a precise method for stabilising soils and consolidating weak ground that delivers specific, engineered ground improvement outcomes, regardless how complex the project is.

Terefil® – Ground improvement with lightweight cellular concrete

In areas with challenging ground conditions, Terefil® replaces the existing soil with a raft of engineered lightweight cellular concrete. Our permeation and jet grouting techniques solidify soil, increasing load-bearing capacity. Suitable for a range of geotechnical settings, the structural filler is a specialist material ideal where other filling solutions are too heavy, for sites with restricted and limited timelines projects.

Why Choose Mainmark?

Delivering exceptional outcomes to our
clients, partners and team


Our world-leading ground engineering technologies achieve safe, accurate and economically delivered outcomes. We understand that ground engineering can be complex and no single method suits every project. We work with our clients and partners to recommend the right solution for each challenge.


Mainmark ground improvement solutions have been proven for over 30 years. Our ground engineering specialists have worked on over 30,000 projects worldwide, from straightforward residential subsidence to post-earthquake remediation in Japan and New Zealand. We aim to be the best at solving your ground problems with minimal disruption.


Our experienced team has a wealth of knowledge in residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as highways, rail, utilities and infrastructure. Our ground engineers can raise and re-level buildings, providing support and improving ground performance.


The combination of our proven ground improvement technologies and our experienced ground engineers enables us to re-level and re-support buildings affected by subsidence across various sectors.


Our problem-solving approach and recommendation of ground engineering solutions sets us apart from the competition. The complexity of ground improvement requires a range of state-of-the-art technologies to meet both project and client requirements.


We are trusted to present effective and creative solutions to many types of ground engineering problems in a wide range of sectors, including residential, industrial, commercial, civil engineering and infrastructure.

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