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Warehouse subsidence

Warehouse subsidence treatment and concrete floor re-levelling without operational disruption

When equipment, vehicle movements and foot traffic rely on level, stable slabs for effective operations, a dependable ground improvement solution is essential. Subsidence tends to occur where the original foundations of a warehouse are unsuitable for the ground it has originally been built on.  Warehouse subsidence can also be caused by  extreme weather conditions and other factors that impact the condition of the ground.

Sinking foundations, un-level concrete floors, driveways and hardstand areas are common sympotoms of warehouses subsidence. If a warehouse concrete floor drops, causing it to slope, the facility can fall below safe operational limits.

Mainmark has been removing trip and water hazards in factories, warehouses and hardstand areas for over 30 years using state-of-the-art, non-invasive solutions to ensure productivity is maintained.

Our experienced team use a range of fast and cost efficient solutions to improve weak foundations or sinking foundations caused by unstable ground beneath factories and warehouses without compromising business operations.

Mainmark can fill large voids and large holes to re-level and re-support sinking slabs and sinking floors which can cause costly operational and safety issues, quickly and cost effectively.



Impact of warehouse subsidence on operation and insurance premiums

How does subsidence affect the workforce?

Factory and warehouse subsidence often results in sloping floors that are unacceptable for automatic high-bay forklift stacking devices and other similar operations. This means certain jobs cannot be done and therefore disrupts services, slowing the workforce down.

If left untreated, building subsidence can lead to higher business costs as the premise cannot be used for its purpose.

Furthermore, sinking warehouse floors could cause injury to the workforce. To ensure there is no risk to staff and to maintain a safe working environment, act quickly at the first signs of subsidence.

Can subsidence affect buildings insurance?

Your buildings insurance should cover any damage to sinking floors that are present in the facility caused by subsidence. It’s recommended that you contact your insurer at the first signs of subsidence so the problem can be taken care of efficiently. However, subsidence claims can be quite costly so the policy holder should bear in mind that there may be a high excess charge.

Please consider that for facilities with subsidence history, many insurers will refuse to insure the building.

Applications of warehouse subsidence solutions

Warehouse & forklift traffic

Misaligned slab joints are a hazard for forklift operations. As the forklift travels across the step between the slabs there is a jolt that can cause the load on the fork to move. Over time the traffic can cause deterioration of the slab edge.

Driveways & lorry parks

Open slab joints allow rainwater to infiltrate the subgrade beneath the transport yard pavement. As trucks travel across the slab the soil fines are pumped out from beneath the slab, removing the support of the slab. Over time the voiding beneath the slab increases.

Machinery & equipment support

Vibrations from machinery can cause the founding soils to settle and base slabs to subside. In extreme cases the vibrating machinery can cause the surrounding slab to bounce up and down, which is very disconcerting for people working in the vicinity.

Slab Lifting In Action

A timelapse of a slab being re-levelling at a commercial building.

Our state-of-the-art, proprietary engineered ground strengthening solutions help address the structural damage that subsidence has caused to slabs, driveways, hardstands, and floors.

Teretek® or JOG are the preferred methods to lifting concrete slabs.

How can Mainmark help with warehouse subsidence?

Mainmark offer unique, innovative solutions for rectifying warehouse subsidence using some of the most reliable, practical and least disruptive methods of re-levelling for buildings.

Mainmark raise, re-level and re-support warehouses of any size, as well as correcting moving and sunken driveways, pavements, floors and machinery bases, and also strengthen and stabilise weak ground. Globally, we have successfully delivered projects at hundreds of warehouses and manufacturing facilities.

Our specialist ground engineering team will visit the facility to assess the damage and create a plan to resolve the issue.

Mainmark can repair cracks in walls, sinking floors, concrete slabs in warehouses that have sunk or are uneven, and ground that is no longer strong or stable enough to support the foundations. Where appropriate, our expert team will conduct a sub-soil investigation, assessing the soil conditions before and after treatment by measuring the compaction of the soil using portable hand-operated measurement devices.

Using our specialist key-hole surgery approach, the work is carried out with minimal disruption to your business. There is no need for us to remove any major parts of the building or for you to move out. Warehouse subsidence is solved by drilling very small diameter holes through the ground slab or foundation in order to install our injection tubes – injection holes can be as little as 6mm!

In many cases, the workforce can remain in operation of the complex throughout the remediation process and you may not even need to relocate stock or machinery. Mainmark work with you to ensure the re-levelling process is as convenient as possible.

UK’s warehouse slab lifting and concrete re-levelling specialist since 1989

Features & Benefits

Mainmark’s level correction methods for warehouse subsidence


Our warehouse subsidence treatment technologies have fast curing times and treated areas can be used immediately or without the delays compared to traditional repair methods.

Immediately Trafficable

As soon as the warehouse subsidence repair is completed, the area can be re-opened to traffic and operatives for full use.


Warehouse subsidence repairs are performed without the need for excavation, extensive disruption.


Compared to traditional methods for treatment of warehouse subsidence, our solutions are more cost-effective.

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