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Utilities subsidence

Treating utilities subsidence and extending their lifespan with proven ground engineering techniques

Repairing ageing and damaged infrastructure is most often more cost effective than replacing it. Mainmark uses proven ground engineering and asset rehabilitation solutions and techniques to help asset owners including local councils to extend the life of utilities and treat utilities subsidence. We remediate assets for electricity, gas, waste management and telecommunication providers, as well as water authorities.

Many existing powerline structures are required to carry increased loadings from additional transmission lines which can lead to powerline subsidence due to poorly executed foundations. We improve the ground beneath the powerline’s foundations, using our advanced resin injection or computer-controlled grouting methods to stabilise the ground and enable increased loading on the structures.

We can also lift settled underground pipes and culverts in order to restore effective operations and can repair damage due to flood, landslips or erosion.

Solutions for treatment of utilities subsidence


Mainmark specialises in re-levelling buildings that have experienced subsidence, settlement, or other structural issues leading to uneven floors and foundation cracks.

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Ground Improvement

Mainmark specialises in advanced ground improvement methods, delivering a suite of technologies that cover densification, solidification, and soil replacement methods.

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Void Filling

Mainmark offers comprehensive void filling solutions for diverse market sectors, using specialised chemical or cementitious grouts.

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Cost savings & sustainable solutions: treating utilities subsidence and repairing aging and damaged utilities

Features & Benefits

Mainmark’s level correction methods for utilities subsidence


Our technologies have fast curing times and treated utilities can be used immediately or without the delays compared to traditional repair methods.

Immediately Trafficable

As soon as the repair is completed, the area can be re-opened to traffic and full use.


Repairs are performed without the need for excavation, extensive disruption to the utility operation.


Compared to traditional methods, our utility subsidence remediation solutions are more cost-effective.

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