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Heritage building subsidence

Preserving history by remediation of heritage building subsidence

Mainmark has delivered successful results for many building owners, including those identified as heritage-listed or in World Heritage significant sites. Historic buildings like churches, halls and castles, and buildings of value to the community such as museums, libraries and art galleries, can often suffer from foundation ground settlement or instability. This is commonly due to age, and as a result of the building’s original foundations being insufficient. If historic  building subsidence is confirmed, preservation, rather than rebuilding is a priority, and it is extremely important that the remedial work is done with minimal intrusion.

Mainmark has built a strong reputation in the remediation works necessary to help ensure the stability of foundations for generations to come. Our non-invasive, cost effective and time efficient re-levelling methods can raise and re-support public buildings and historic houses of any size. As no excavations are required, in many cases, the building can continue to be used by the public during remediation.

Applications for historic building subsidence solutions

Church and cathedral subsidence

Stately homes subsidence

Memorial subsidence

How can Mainmark help with historical building subsidence?

Mainmark has built a reputation, second to none, in the successful remediation works necessary to help ensure the stable foundations of public buildings for generations to come. These works can be particularly delicate and complex and so we have developed innovative and cost-effective solutions using a key-hole surgery approach that provides quick, non-invasive results.

Mainmark’s advanced technologies stabilise and support the ground beneath the structure, giving the heritage building a new lease of life.

For large or complex buildings, our integrated computer grouting technique enables a precisely controlled, gradual level correction process, minimising damage to often fragile masonry, glass and complex steel or concrete structures. Lifts of greater than 500mm are achievable with Mainmark’s unique solutions.

In many cases, the building can continue to be enjoyed by the public during remediation. Our experienced team can repair cracks in the walls, lift and re-level sinking floors and re-support structures, focusing on one area of the building at a time.

Our innovative key-hole methods are used. Small diameter holes are drilled through the ground slabs and foundations of the building which then allow grout injectors to be inserted. Flexible pipework connects these to computer controlled valves and hence to the grout pumps, and multiple survey points are installed and located across the building. These are continuously monitored by robotic survey instruments or laser levels to control the grout pumping and the gradual levelling of the structure.

Mainmark’s engineered resin injection is also another fantastic solution for many public buildings such as churches and libraries suffering from natural ground subsidence. This unique technology uses an insertion delivery method to raise, re-level, and re-support buildings and is a fast, non-invasive and overall cleaner alternative to traditional underpinning.

Treating historical buidlings subsidence with care using non-invasive solutions.

Features & benefits

Mainmark’s level correction methods for historical buildings subsidence

Accurate & controllable

Our historic building subsidence treatment processes are monitored and controlled to achieve results.

Environmentally inert

We use an inert material that is non-toxic and does not l have any effect on the treated area.


Our solutions for historical buildings subsidence are non-invasive, without the need for demolition or excavation, or heavy machinery. We created no waste and cause minimal disruption to the treatment area.


Compared to traditional methods, our histroical building subsidence solutions are more cost-effective.

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