Infrastructure such as railways, roads, bridges and airport runways can often suffer from ground subsidence, deteriorating infrastructure and broken pipelines that can cause serious issues to public safety and expensive damage in need of urgent repair.

Mainmark can provide vital ground engineering and preservation solutions designed to raise, re-level and re-support ageing infrastructure in order to enhance its safety and stability.

Our cost-effective solutions have been expertly developed to resolve infrastructure issues quickly with minimal disruption and operations can continue during the remediation work.

What is subsidence and the causes?

Subsidence is the downward movement of the foundations of a building or structure due to changes in the soil conditions. If foundations have been built on sloping ground, overtime the structure will slide, damaging the groundworks. Some of the most common causes of subsidence to infrastructure include:

  • Ground vibrations from passing traffic or nearby excavations
  • Incomplete, poorly executed or ageing foundation works
  • The structure has been built on compressible clay soil that can either shrink or swell depending on the amount of moisture
  • Extreme weather conditions can affect soil conditions – excess water damage can weaken the soil and its foundations or droughts can result in plant roots further draining and therefore shrinking the soil
  • Soil underneath the structure has not been correctly compacted

Signs of subsidence

One of the major signs of subsidence occurring to infrastructure is the base or structure becoming uneven or tilted. This can apply to roads, railways, bridges and airport runways as well as many of types of infrastructure.

The first steps to resolving ground subsidence is to identify its presence. You can do this by looking out for:

  • Unexpected movement or damage to the structure
  • Unstable road slabs or rails
  • The structure appearing to lean slightly in one direction
  • Water damage and saturation of the base or ground beneath a structure, particularly affecting railway lines

The sooner subsidence can be identified, the quicker remediation can begin. Many elements of infrastructure can have their life extended by careful re-levelling or improvement of the stability of the ground beneath or around them.

Mainmark can provide comprehensive ground stabilisation and re-levelling solutions that are environmentally inert and designed for fast, easy application. To contact our experienced team, click here.

How Mainmark can help

Subsidence to infrastructure such as roads, railways and airports can seriously affect operations and not only cause disruption to travel but can also cause dangerous public safety issues and expensive damage.

Our pioneering technologies can resolve subsidence to infrastructure with minimal disruption. No excavations are required and our specialist methods are cost-effective and time efficient. Take a look at how Mainmark can help with the following structures:

Roads and Bridges

Mainmark raise, re-level and re-support public roads and bridges with little interference to traffic and operations.

Road and bridge subsidence can be stabilised using our exclusive Teretek® engineered resin solution, correcting concrete roads and pavements, bridge approach slabs, bridge abutments, motorways and road culverts.

Our advanced technologies are time-efficient, cost-effective and non-invasive and full use of the road or bridge can be maintained during stabilisation. Work can be carried out one lane at a time, overnight and in between rush hour traffic if required. Vehicles are also able to drive over the remediated area almost straight away.

Mainmark’s stabilisation methods require no excavation and work can be successfully completed in just a few days. We have achieved a complete bridge lift of a maximum of 1300mm.


Rail subsidence can affect line speeds as a result of water saturation. Settlement often occurs to base slabs and also to platforms and depots.

Our unique Teretek® resin injection solution can be used to stabilise the track or platform structure, requiring no excavations. Large sections of the railway can be treated one section at a time, meaning the railway line can be restored and ready for use again almost immediately, often as quickly as just one hour.


Mainmark repairs and re-supports airport infrastructure, including runways, taxiways and airport buildings.

Our Terefil® lightweight cement based void filling application is cost-effective and delivers a fast and controlled economic outcome that can be tailored to each individual project, with variations to the strength and density of the filling.

It is a fantastic alternative to traditional sub-grades used in the construction of airports and is non-invasive. Alternatively, our proprietary resin injection solution, Teretek®, facilitates quick and cost-effective slab re-levelling – work can be carried out one section at a time, at low traffic periods, and the airport can quickly resume full operation.

Civil Infrastructure and Utilities

Many existing powerline structures are required to carry increased loadings from additional transmission lines which can lead to powerline subsidence due to poorly executed foundations. We stabilise the ground beneath the powerline’s foundations, using our advanced resin injection or computer-controlled grouting methods to re-stabilise the ground and enable increased loading on the structures.

We can also lift settled underground pipes and culverts in order to restore effective operations and can repair damage due to flood, landslips or erosion.

Benefits of Mainmark’s methods:
  • Little disruption is caused due to non-invasive techniques
  • Projects are completed quickly and efficiently, saving time and money
  • Environmentally inert methods
  • Infrastructure becomes level and more stable
  • No further damage is caused to the building or structure

Our solutions

Mainmark has been delivering ground engineering solutions worldwide for more than 20 years. We provide cost-effective, non-invasive and time efficient techniques that resolve infrastructure issues with minimal disruption. Our advanced technologies for subsidence to infrastructure include:

Teretek® Engineered Resin Injection Solution

Fast, non-invasive and an overall cleaner alternative to traditional underpinning
Teretek® Engineered Resin Injection Solution is a high-tech, advanced resin injection method suitable for ground improvement and re-levelling. It’s a non-invasive method for subsidence that is unobtrusive with minimal disruption. Read More

Terefil™ Lightweight Cement Filling

A lightweight cement based filling product for geotechnical applications
Terefil™ Lightweight Cement Filling is a technologically advanced, engineered lightweight cementitious based filling product, ideal for where there is restricted access to a site or where project timelines are limited. Find out more Read More

JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting

An award-winning, computer-controlled grouting process for level correction and stabilisation
JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting is a unique process that has been used by Mainmark for more than 20 years. It is an extremely precise method for re-levelling large and complex structures, stabilising soil, consolidating weak ground and lifting foundations. Read More


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