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Mainmark is here to help solve your subsidence, settlement and ground stabilisation challenges.

Mainmark help stabilise the ground under houses and commercial buildings, warehouse slabs that have sunk or are uneven, ground that is not stable enough to support foundations, and re-level uneven highways or railways. We raise, re-level and re-support above ground structures, which typically results in problematic wall cracks closing up and jamming doors and windows to open again.

Whether you are a home owner or are responsible for large buildings or complex structures, roads or railways, we have 25 years of experience solving such challenges using our unique, innovative solutions for rectifying ground engineering problems. Our “key hole surgery” processes involve minimum intrusion into your life or business.

Our advanced, accurate and non-invasive solutions are an alternative to traditional concrete underpinning which uses heavy equipment to cut away major parts of the ground beneath your building. We solve your problem by drilling small diameter holes through your slab or foundation to install injection tubes. Clients can remain in their homes or carry on their business with the minimum of disturbance.

We use nontoxic, environmentally inert cement grout or resin, injected and controlled by advanced pumping and monitoring systems. Being part of the wider, global Mainmark group of companies allows us access to a wide range of ground engineering materials and processes in our portfolio, we can tailor to solve your challenge.

We specialise in settlement and subsidence repair. We re-level structures and buildings and stabilise ground in situations where others can’t, don’t or won’t!

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Mainmark are specialists in house lifting, using sophisticated grout injection techniques to lift and re-level.

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Warehouses often suffer from settlement resulting in floor slopes that are unacceptable for automatic high-bay forklift stacking devices.

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Commercial Buildings

Mainmark carries out the work of stabilising and re-levelling with the minimum of intrusion.

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We provide for these needs with our cemetitious grouting processes.

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Many elements of infrastructure can have their life extended by careful relevelling.

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Public Buildings

Public buildings are often national or civic treasures, buildings of historic value or icons of specially value to the community.

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Mainmark provide services which are less intrusive to your business or life, are technically competent, quick and cost effective. We raise, re-level, and re-support homes and other buildings.


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Don’t see the solution to your ground engineering problem here? Talk to us, we can help. For an extensive analysis of your specific problem please complete our detailed enquiry form, alternatively fill in our quick contact form to the right.

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