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Driveway Concrete Repair

Resin Injection

Driveway Concrete Crack Repair
by Mainmark

Driveways over time can suffer from various issues like cracking, uneven surfaces, and subsidence, leading to aesthetic decline and safety hazards. These problems are often caused by soil settlement, environmental wear, and inadequate initial construction.

Mainmark Solution: Mainmark addresses these driveway issues with its innovative Teretek® resin injection technology. This non-invasive, cost-effective solution stabilises and re-levels concrete slabs, restoring the driveway’s functionality and appearance. Teretek® is an industry-approved method, ensuring compliance with insurance, council, and government standards, offering homeowners a reliable and long-lasting repair solution.

  • 50 year product warranty
  • 30+ years experience in Australia
  • Non-invasive and surgical method
  • Modern underpinning alternative
  • Cost-effective compared to traditional methods

Fast, cost effective & non-invasive subsidence solutions


Why Teretek® for Driveway Concrete Repair?

Watch How Teretek® Brings Uneven Driveways Back to Perfect Level

Discover the remarkable capabilities of Teretek® in action! This video showcases a dramatic transformation, where a once uneven and cracked driveway is expertly brought back to its perfect level. Witness the precise and non-invasive process of Teretek® resin injection, a testament to Mainmark’s commitment to innovative ground engineering solutions. Ideal for residential properties, this method not only enhances the driveway’s appearance but also reinforces its structural integrity, all with minimal disruption. Get ready to see a driveway go from flawed to flawless with Mainmark’s Teretek® technology.


Trusted by 30,000+ Asset Owners

The quality of work was outstanding

I recently had the pleasure of working with Mainmark for a driveway repair project in Kiama. Their team’s approach to lifting and repairing the sunken concrete driveway at one of our sites was nothing short of professional and efficient. The quality of work was outstanding, and their attention to detail was commendable. As a builder specialising in bespoke renovations, it’s crucial for me to collaborate with teams that maintain high standards, and Mainmark did just that. I highly recommend their services for their expertise and professionalism. Looking forward to our next project together!

Eli Maguire – EDM Building – Kiama

Communications with head office (lovely Sandy) were faultless!

Martin came out to inspect my property and from the get-go – I knew I would end up choosing Mainmark. Martin took the time to review the property and also spent time discussing the issues with me. A clear scope of work & a quote came quickly. Once I accepted the quote, communications with head office (lovely Sandy) were faultless! I was considered in all plans. On the day of the job, 3 top blokes (Kevin & crew) turned up on time and were not only focused, but super friendly. They left the work area clean & tidy. The end result – incredible! My driveway and concrete pathway is no longer sinking with unsightly gaps. I’m thrilled! Within a day of final payment, I was given my 50 year warranty certificate. Thanks Mainmark! Can’t recommend you guys enough!

Kate Chapman – NSW

I saved $60K+ with Mainmark!
Exceptional!! I had a quote for $60k+ from one company to lift my slab because they said it was sinking. Sam from Mainmark turned up, took measurements and advised me that my slab was actually lifting because of water issue. Where the other mob wanted to lift my slab the measurements taken showed that there was no issue in that area but the lift was in fact on the other side of the house. Sam provided advice and didn’t take a cent from me. Thank you for your honesty you could have tried to rip me off like the other mob and left me in a worse position but you didn’t. Highly recommended!!

Daniel Patton -VIC

Before After

Concrete Driveway Crack Repair:

Seamlessly Restored: Witness the Transformation of Cracked Driveways with Teretek®

Dive into the compelling before and after visuals of concrete driveway crack repair brought to you by Mainmark’s Teretek® technology. Each photo set highlights the initial state of cracked and damaged driveways, followed by the seamless restoration achieved through our advanced Resin Injection process. Witness how Teretek® meticulously fills and repairs the cracks, restoring structural integrity and visual appeal. These transformations rectify surface imperfections and prevent future damage, showcasing Mainmark’s commitment to delivering durable and aesthetically pleasing driveway repair solutions.

Features & Benefits

Mainmark’s Solutions & Technologies


Our technologies have fast curing times and treated areas can be used immediately or without the delays compared to traditional repair methods.

Environmentally Inert

Our technologies use an inert material that is non-toxic and does not leach into the environment or affect the treated area.


Our solutions are of surgical nature compared to traditional methods.


Compared to traditional methods, our solutions are more cost-effective, with minimal disruption to the area.

Causes of Driveway Concrete Cracks

The Underlying Reasons for Driveway Subsidence

Driveway concrete cracks commonly arise from a variety of factors. Environmental stress, such as extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture changes, can cause the concrete to expand and contract, leading to cracks. Subsidence, where the underlying soil shifts or settles, often results in uneven support and cracking.

Additionally, the natural aging of concrete, alongside wear and tear, contributes to its deterioration over time. Inadequate construction practices, including improper curing and poor-quality materials, can also predispose a driveway to cracking. Understanding these causes is crucial for effective and long-lasting repair solutions.

Soil Types

Moisture levels in the soil affect reactive clays as they expand and contract.

Oversaturated clays lose their strength resulting in footing subsidence. In loosely packed soils, such as sand and silt, the fine particales in the soil can wash away causing the footing to settle.

Tree Roots

Neighbouring trees and shrubs absorb water using their roots causing movement in the soil as it soaks up moisture in the ground.

Footing Systems

Poor foundation design or inadequate compaction of soil during construction results in movement of the structure as it settles.

Excess Water

Burst or cracked water pipes including blocked sewage and rain gutters  can oversaturate clay soils or wash fine particles from sand and silt soils and cause footings to subside.

Extreme or Seasonal Weather

Natural disasters such as flooding, drought and earthquakes affect soil moisture levels in particular clay resulting in excessive foundation movement.

Renovation or Construction

Vibration caused by nearby construction activity such as drilling or piling, or heavy road traffic causes soil particles to shift and settle, resulting in ground subsidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to some of our customers’ most common questions.

However, we understand that your situation may be unique, and you might have specific questions not covered here.

If you’re worried about subsiding concrete, call Mainmark for an obligation free expert opinion.

Is it normal for concrete driveways to crack?

Yes, it is relatively normal for concrete driveways to develop cracks over time due to factors like environmental stress, ground movement, and natural aging of the material. Regular maintenance and timely repairs can help manage and minimise these cracks.

How do you know if concrete crack is serious?

A concrete driveway crack is considered serious if it’s wider than 0.3 mm, indicating potential structural concerns. Cracks that widen enough to create tripping hazards or allow water seepage should be addressed promptly.

Cracks wider than 3.2 mm in the driveway are particularly concerning and require attention. While small hairline cracks may not immediately signal a structural issue, larger, more noticeable cracks, especially those that change over time, should be professionally evaluated and repaired to maintain the driveway’s integrity and safety.

How much does concrete driveway repair cost?

The cost of concrete driveway repair varies widely depending on several factors, such as the extent of the damage, the repair method used, and the size of the driveway. For minor crack repairs using methods like sealing, costs can be relatively low. However, more extensive repairs involving resin injection technologies like Teretek® or complete driveway resurfacing can be more costly. On average, repair costs can range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars. It’s best to get a customised quote from a professional service like Mainmark for an accurate estimate based on your specific driveway’s condition.

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How long does driveway crack repair last?

Driveway crack repair, especially when done using high-quality methods and materials, can last for many years. Mainmark’s advanced resin injection technique for driveway repair, coupled with their expertise, offers a durable solution.

Significantly, Mainmark provides a 50-year product warranty for their driveway repair services. This warranty underscores the longevity and quality of their repairs, ensuring that the driveway remains in excellent condition for decades, safeguarding both the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity of the property.

What’s the 50-Year Warranty?

Mainmark is committed to delivering not only top-quality concrete injection services but also enduring peace of mind for our clients. Our confidence in the reliability and effectiveness of our products, particularly in our concrete injection processes using Teretek®, is backed by a comprehensive 50-year product warranty.

This warranty covers the longevity and performance of the materials used in our concrete injection services. It assures that the materials, including our specialised resin, will not degrade or fail under normal conditions for a period of 50 years from the date of application.

This long-term warranty reflects our commitment to quality and our trust in the durability of our solutions, ensuring that our clients’ investments are protected and their structures remain safe and stable for decades.


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