Mainmark offers advanced, site-specific solutions for revitalising, sealing, protecting and structurally reinforcing ageing or damaged buildings and infrastructure including tunnels, shafts and basements impacted by weak ground and water ingress.

Complementing the company’s wide variety of ground engineering solutions and technologies, Mainmark’s range of specialised resins, gels and coatings can help to rectify and preserve structures within the commercial, industrial, residential, heritage, civil engineering, infrastructure and mining sectors. Products and applications include engineered coatings and linings for large pipes and utility services; high performance water control treatments that can stop fast flowing water quickly in construction and civil projects, as well as in emergency situations, and waterproofing solutions to seal and stabilise water ingress in dry or water-bearing conditions. Mainmark’s industrial strengthening solutions provide concrete and steel coatings for building and infrastructure protection, precisely designed and engineered for site-specific needs. All Mainmark solutions are cost effective, quick to apply and non-invasive.