Grout Trench Cut-off Walls

Mainmark offers grout trench cut-off walls to contain contamination

Groundwater is an important water source but it can be susceptible to pollutants like refuse leachates, gases, chemicals, oil or petrol. These substances can leach into the groundwater over time and render it dangerous for both humans and animals. It can be difficult, but not impossible, to mitigate or stop the migration of subsurface contaminants. One of the first and most important steps is to cutoff the source of the contamination and impacted water from other water sources. Mainmark’s grout trench cut-off walls (or “grout curtain”, slurry curtain”, “slurry wall”, “slurry trench wall”, “slurry cutoff wall”) are used to control and contain leachates, gases and ground water. This method of containment is a cost-effective solution with a long-term effective life. It has low maintenance costs and a very low impact on the environment. This makes it perfect for Australian conditions where environmental considerations are paramount. Mainmark is one of the few companies in Australia that has the full equipment and the expertise to construct grout cut-off walls using the slurry trench installation method. This method is fast and reliable, resulting in cut-off walls that prevent contaminated groundwater from passing through. We specialise in grout trench cut-off walls:

  • at sites where contaminated groundwater needs to be contained
  • at waste sites, tips and dumps to contain contaminated groundwater
  • at construction sites to allow the installation of sheet piling without vibration
  • at dams and levees to contain storage or contaminated water.

Solving your contamination issues:



Cost effective

The relatively low cost makes grout cut-off walls suitable for almost any situation

Long lasting

Grout cut-off walls have been used as a key containment solution for more than 50 years

Fast to implement

Mainmark grout cut-off walls help contain contaminated water faster; preventing and limiting spreading