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Our Terefil® technology provides an advanced lightweight cellular concrete for soil replacement, large void filling, and pipe abandonment.

Terefil is a Mainmark technology to create a lightweight cellular concrete.

Cellular concrete is a versatile and lightweight material that has found extensive use in construction and civil engineering applications.

Terefil is
produced by adding a foaming agent to a cementitious slurry, which results in the formation of a large number of air bubbles within the mixture. The foaming agent is responsible for creating the air voids that give foamed concrete its characteristic low density.

Advantages of Cellular Concrete: Beyond Traditional Mixes

Cellular concrete stands out for its unique properties, catering to a wide spectrum of applications.

It boasts a lower density, ranging from 500 to 1500 kg/m3, which is a stark contrast to the 2,400 kg/m3 found in traditional concrete.

Though its compressive strength, which spans from 0.5 to 5 MPa, might seem low compared to standard concrete, it perfectly meets the needs of scenarios prioritizing a lightweight, free-flowing material.

Soil Replacement with Terefil®

In a ground improvement application, Terefil® is used to create a lightweight raft prior to building construction.

Weak, compressible or liquefiable soils are excavated to a designed depth and replaced with cellular concrete. This reduces the weight on the underlying soils and provides an engineered fill material with consistent strength and stiffness properties.

The Fluidity Factor: Cellular Concrete in Action

One of the standout attributes of cellular concrete is its high fluidity. This material can be pumped over long distances, filling gaps, trenches, or voids.

There is typically no need for levelling or compaction. This fluid nature proves invaluable when filling trenches, decommissioned pipelines, or spaces behind retaining walls, as it seamlessly flows around obstructions ensuring a consistent fill.

Unique Features of Terefil®

Adjustable Density

Terefil® can be tailored to a density range between 500 – 1,500 kg/m3, fitting diverse project needs.

Reliable Compressive Strength

Starting at 0.5 MPa, its compressive strength can be modified based on the desired density.

Rapid Installation

With a rate of up to 40 m3 per hour, Terefil® ensures a time-efficient installation process.

Quick and Consistent

Terefil® sets in just hours and offers a self-levelling, highly flowable application.

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