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Concrete Rising and Levelling

Concrete Floor

Concrete Rising & Levelling

We inject engineered resin to improve your founding soil when you need to re-level your concrete slabs.

Uneven concrete floors can be both unpleasent and unsafe. Mainmark’s concrete rising and levelling services efficiently rectify this issue. Utilising innovative techniques, we provide lasting and accurate corrections with little inconvenience.

Our non-invasive and cost-effective solution is a safe way of re-levelling concrete slabs with soil settlement or subsidence that could otherwise lead to more severe problems and become a safety hazard.

Teretek® resin is rapid curing, and the pavement can be returned to service within 30 minutes of the work being completed.

If you’re worried about concrete rising in your home or workplace, contact Mainmark to assess these before the issue worsens.


Re-level concrete caused by movement

Understanding Uneven Concrete Floors: Subsidence Causes and Factors

The issue of subsidence, especially in the context of uneven concrete slabs, stems from a multitude of causes and contributing factors. All of these share a common thread—a shift in the ground, resulting in soil movement.
Moreover, the impact varies depending on the type of ground involved. When the ground undergoes changes, building subsidence becomes a prevalent concern.
In such cases, foundations or footings lose their full support and begin to sink due to the weakened ground.

Expansive Soils

A contributing factor to un-even concrete is irregular soil behaviour. For example, soils containing reactive clay can expand or contract throughout the year. Rainy seasons will lead to soil expansion from moisture, while contraction occurs in the warm, dry conditions of hotter months. 

These fluctuations could be regular, or the soil may expand and contract unevenly. This causes stress to the foundations of your home, which could lead to internal and/or external wall cracks. This will be of particular concern as more parts of the country experience extreme weather events year on year.

Tree Roots

Neighbouring trees and shrubs absorb water using their roots causing movement in the soil as it soaks up moisture in the ground.

Poor Drainage

One major contributor to lifting concrete is issues with drainage. Pipes left unconnected, broken drains and other leakages can mean water drains into the soil under your home. This erodes the soil over time, leading to ground instability. 

The soil under your home could also suffer from aeration, or voids could form. This eventually leads to ground instability, which causes uneven concrete.

House Extensions

Lifting concrete can appear when the weight of your home increases beyond the foundation’s capacity. Wall extensions or other extra loads increase the weight of the house, as well as increasing the force exerted on the foundation and the soil it sits on.

As with soil expansion, uneven direction or distribution of this force can put stress on the structure. Uneven in this case might be the start of more serious issues.

Extreme or Seasonal Weather

Natural disasters such as flooding, drought and earthquakes affect soil moisture levels in particular clay resulting in excessive foundation movement.

Renovation or Construction

Vibration caused by nearby construction activity such as drilling or piling, or heavy road traffic causes soil particles to shift and settle, resulting in ground subsidence.

Expanding Materials

Expanding materials can also cause concrete to lift, contract or shift over time. 

Trust The Experts

Mainmark Specialises in Concrete Re-levelling

Whether you can identify the cause of your lifting concrete or not, it is important to note that this is just a symptom.

If you’re worried, call Mainmark to assess your lifting concrete. 

Mainmark specialises in re-levelling concrete slabs that have lifted. We developed our Teretek technology which is versatile and suitable for re-levelling both simple and complex structures.

Teretek uses a method of injecting polyurethane resin beneath your concrete. As the resin expands, it gently lifts the structure. This is also a non-invasive and cost-effective solution.


Concrete Repair in Action

Our Teretek® Resin Injection technology can raise, re-level and re-support subsiding properties.

This remarkable solution is the key to raising, re-leveling, and re-supporting properties affected by subsidence. Our skilled team of consultants and technicians will guide you through the process, demonstrating how we correct subsidence.

Features & Benefits

Mainmark’s Solutions & Technologies


Our technologies have fast curing times and treated areas can be used immediately or without the delays compared to traditional repair methods.

Environmentally Inert

Our technologies use an inert material that is non-toxic and does not leach into the environment or affect the treated area.


Our solutions are of surgical nature compared to traditional methods.


Compared to traditional methods, our solutions are more cost-effective, with minimal disruption to the area.

Teretek® Resin Injection

A swift and non-disruptive method that stabilises the foundation by injecting a unique resin formula, which expands to fill voids and re-level concrete slabs.

Non-intrusive: Unlike underpinning, Teretek® requires no excavation, preserving the integrity of your property.
Time-efficient: Resin injection can often be completed in hours, not weeks, minimising downtime and disruption.
Cost-Effective: With no need for extensive digging or reconstruction, Teretek® is often more budget-friendly.
Precision Lifting: Advanced resin injection offers a precise control of the lifting process, allowing for targeted correction.
Strength and Durability: Teretek® resin solidifies and strengthens the ground, enhancing load-bearing capacity and offering long-term stability.
Environmentally Friendly: The process is less invasive, reducing the carbon footprint compared to traditional methods.


A labour-intensive solution that involves excavating sections under a foundation and placing new supports to strengthen and level the affected structure.

Invasive: Requires extensive excavation, which can be disruptive to your property and daily activities.
Time-Consuming: The process can take weeks or months, including the time needed for concrete to cure.
Potentially Costly: With longer project times and more labour, costs can escalate quickly.
Less Precision: Underpinning often provides less control over the lift, which can result in less accurate results.
Involves Heavy Machinery: The use of heavy equipment can cause additional stress to the property and surrounding landscape.
Environmental Impact: The carbon footprint is generally larger due to the excavation and construction involved.

Concrete Floor Repairs

Rise and Relevel Concrete Floor Solution

Take a look at these before and after images that show Mainmark’s state-of-the-art levelling techniques

Our Teretek® resin injection method offers a non-invasive, cost-effective, and swift solution to re-level and stabilise your concrete without the disruption of traditional underpinning. This technology ensures minimal downtime and a greener footprint by eliminating the need for extensive excavation and replacement.

NZ’s Trusted Experts

Getting New Zealand back to level

Mainmark New Zealand boasts a robust nationwide presence, with strategically located offices in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington.

This network, backed by a dedicated team of over 100 professionals in operations and engineering, ensures comprehensive coverage and expert service across the entire country.

Contact us today and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

Key highlights

Mainmark is a proven industry leader


Trusted by Kiwis

We had a great experience

We had a great experience with Mainmark after finding the house I bought at auction had a sunken ring beam and floor levels were all over the place. They fixed the problem, made sure all the windows and doors shut and opened upstairs there was no cracking or damage to the new plaster and paint that had just been applied and they cleaned up so well we could hardly see where they had been. We can recommend Mainmark ground engineering, Thanks

Jody Burchall

Awesome stuff Mainmark!

After having concerns about the foundations of our house we called mainmark and they organised someone to come out the same week. Not only were they quick to help, the person they sent out was extremely helpful. Barry was professional and knowledgeable. He was quick to work out that there were no foundation issues and he was able to tell me what the issues were and point me in the right direction – giving me notes on what needs to be done and how much of it we could do ourselves, making the whole experience very easy. With such knowledgeable, friendly and professional staff I would highly recommend this company. You know you won’t get ripped off and they will make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Awesome stuff Mainmark!

Kimberley Mcneil-Melville

Very professional team

Very professional team. Minimal disruption to us while the process was underway, and all over in 2 days!. An amazingly cost effective way to protect our biggest asset, assuring our peace of mind for the future. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Ure Abodon

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collated answers to frequently asked questions concerning concrete floor releveling, providing clear and detailed information to guide you.

Nevertheless, we appreciate that each scenario is individual, and you may have specific queries not addressed in this section.

Prior to undertaking any repairs for uneven concrete floors, it’s essential to consider any underlying causes. If you’re noticing irregularities in your flooring, contact Mainmark to conduct a comprehensive evaluation before these issues become more severe.

How do I know if my uneven concrete floor is serious?

Recognising when an uneven concrete floor is a sign of a serious issue requires professional assessment. However, there are some indicators that suggest immediate attention is necessary:

  • The unevenness is widespread or worsening over time.
  • There are visible cracks that are expanding.
  • Doors and windows within the area are jamming or no longer aligning properly.
  • Gaps between the floor and walls or skirting boards are appearing or widening.
  • You notice changes in the levelness of the floor by sight or when walking.

At Mainmark, we recommend having a professional assess your concrete floor if you notice any of these signs. Our team can diagnose the severity of the issue and recommend the best course of action to prevent further damage and restore levelness and stability to your floors.

Should I be concerned about cracked concrete floors?

Yes, cracked concrete floors can be a cause for concern as they may indicate underlying issues with your foundation or soil conditions. Here are some reasons why you should pay attention to cracked concrete floors:

  1. Structural Integrity: Cracks can signify potential structural problems, especially if they are large or increasing in size.
  2. Water Damage: Cracks can allow moisture to penetrate, leading to further deterioration or potential problems with damp.
  3. Aesthetic Impact: Cracked floors can be unsightly and may reduce the value of your property.
  4. Tripping Hazard: Depending on their size and location, cracks can pose a safety risk to occupants.

It’s advisable to have the cracks assessed by professionals, like those at Mainmark, to determine their cause and the best repair method. Ignoring such issues can lead to more significant problems over time. Mainmark’s innovative solutions, including our Teretek resin injection method, can often address these issues without the need for invasive procedures.

How do you raise and level a concrete floor?

Raising and levelling a concrete floor is a specialised process that should be undertaken by professionals using the right methods and materials. At Mainmark, we utilise advanced solutions like our proprietary Teretek® resin injection technology to efficiently and safely raise and level concrete floors.

The process generally involves the following steps:

  1. Assessment: We begin with a thorough assessment of the affected area to understand the extent of the issue and the underlying causes, such as soil conditions or structural problems.
  2. Planning: Based on the assessment, a plan is devised to address the specific needs of your property. This includes determining the injection points and the amount of resin required.
  3. Injection: Small holes are drilled through the concrete slab, and our Teretek® resin is injected into the voids beneath. The resin expands, filling any gaps and gently raising the floor back to its original level.
  4. Monitoring: The process is carefully monitored to ensure precise lifting and levelling. The method allows for real-time control to achieve the desired outcome.
  5. Finishing: Once the floor is level, the holes are sealed, and the area is cleaned, leaving a level floor with minimal disruption to the property.

Our non-invasive approach ensures there is minimal disruption to your home or business, and in most cases, the area can be used again the same day. To discuss raising and levelling your concrete floor with our Teretek® resin injection solution, please fill in our enquiry form to arrange a free site inspection.

How do I know if concrete cracks are permanently fixed?

At Mainmark, we stand behind the enduring quality of our solutions. Our confidence is reflected in the 50-year product guarantee that accompanies our concrete repair methods.

With over 30 years of experience in New Zealand, our track record speaks for itself—delivering permanent fixes to concrete cracks and ensuring long-term stability and levelness. You can trust in the reliability and durability of our work to ensure that once repaired, your concrete floors remain in excellent condition for years to come.

For complete peace of mind, we invite you to enquire about a free site inspection by filling out our form, so we can address your specific needs with our expert solutions.

Is structural crack damage covered by insurance?

Your property insurance typically covers the repair of structural damage caused by subsidence, including cracks. However, it usually doesn’t cover the expenses related to preventing further subsidence and home movement.

Fill out the form for further assessment, and one our experts will be in touch with you.

How much do Mainmark cost?

The cost of Mainmark’s services can vary significantly based on the unique circumstances of your foundation and the extent of the issue.

To ensure we provide you with an accurate and fair estimate, we recommend taking advantage of our offer for a free site inspection. During this visit, one of our seasoned experts will assess your property’s specific needs and provide you with a detailed quotation tailored to the particular requirements of your job.

Please fill out our enquiry form to schedule your no-obligation inspection today.

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