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Mainmark provides solutions for asset preservation across the New Zealand manufacturing sector.

We help maintain the efficiency, safety, and longevity of your facilities — from manufacturing plants to storage buildings, logistics or transport yards.

Owners will be familiar with the wear and tear facilities experience on a daily basis. As these sites age, problems can become more pronounced and impact productivity and employee health and safety. Over time, this can create serious operational and safety issues that become costly unless rectified as soon as possible.

Our teams are experts in helping factory and warehouse owners faced with unlevel buildings and weak ground. Mainmark has fine tuned its range of solutions and technologies with your unique needs in mind.

We avoid costly and disruptive options like excavation and underpinning. Our solutions are non-toxic, environmentally inert, and safe for surrounding water sources. Projects can be completed in as little as a few days or even a few hours and are often safe to use immediately, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Our Solutions

Re-levelling is crucial to maintaining machinery operations and ensuring overall safety.

Returning foundations back to level will correct uneven floors and remove trip hazards. Mainmark can also re-level storage tanks and silos to avoid costly demolition or rebuilds.

Our Teretek and JOG solutions are controlled, fast, and low impact with minimal business disruption.

Ensure manufacturing facilities can support heavy loads

Ground improvement ensures manufacturing facilities can support heavy loads and machinery vibrations.

We improve the load-bearing capacity of soil under your structures to increase foundation performance and reduce long-term subsidence.

We also provide water control and waterproofing solutions for concrete structures.

Your operation may have washing facilities with high exposure to water and chemicals. Rain or flooding may also result in unwanted water infiltration in your facilities.

Our solutions reduce the risk of further damage and restore hygiene standards in these areas.

The concrete structures used in manufacturing plants need protection

Our concrete coating and repair solutions help preserve the integrity and durability of these structures from environmental elements, operational wear, and chemicals stored on site. 

This also ensures compliance with health and safety standards.

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New builds

Cut back on build time

We’ve covered solutions for existing facilities, but what about new builds?

Cost and space restrictions can often mean manufacturing plants are not constructed on the best ground. One popular method to handle this is pre-loading of poor or soft soils. 

This is a slow process that involves importing and placing 1-2m of soil on site and letting its weight consolidate the soil beneath. This added soil or fill also has to be removed before building.

By contrast, Mainmark’s Terefil cellular concrete solution cuts back the time to build from months or years, to hours or days. This option reduces primary settlement and has you building straight away. 

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