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Heritage & Historical Structures


Expert Solutions for Heritage Buildings

Mainmark specialises in re-levelling, re-supporting, and strengthening heritage buildings with a deep understanding and respect for their historical and architectural significance. We provide a range of non-invasive and low-impact solutions for subsidence correction and ground improvement for heritage buildings. Our ground improvement methods are not only precise and efficient, but also paramount to preserving the historic integrity of each building. 

Our team collaborates closely with clients to develop the most efficient and effective solutions to strengthening and seismic challenges. We offer comprehensive design and build options for seismic strengthening of earthquake-prone heritage buildings, leveraging long standing relationships with highly skilled earthquake engineers and subcontractors. 

Mainmark specialises in re-levelling historic and heritage buildings

These buildings have experienced subsidence, settlement, or other structural issues leading to uneven floors and foundation cracks.

To address these challenges, we developed Teretek and JOG technologies. Teretek uses a method of injecting polyurethane resin beneath a structure’s foundation. As the resin expands, it gently lifts the structure, offering a non-invasive and cost-effective solution suitable for historic and heritage buildings.

JOG is a computer-controlled, multi-point grout injection system. It works by injecting cementitious grout with a tailored set time beneath the building’s foundation. Versatile in its application, JOG is effective at re-levelling both simple and complex structures.

Mainmark has successfully re-levelled many heritage buildings using Teretek and JOG technologies across all market sectors.”

Mainmark are industry leaders in seismically strengthening historic places and heritage buildings across New Zealand.

We have been providing turnkey solutions to secure buildings against future seismic events for over three decades across Australasia and Japan, offering our commercial and public clients unparalleled peace of mind.

We mitigate risk for local authorities and commercial and residential property owners by offering a dedicated point of contact from project inception to compliance to ensure open and transparent communication throughout.

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Brick and Stone Restoration for Heritage Buildings

Natural Stone Repairs
Historic buildings made from natural stone contain varying materials with different static functions. Damp and saline-laden supporting walls, cracks, spallings and cavities are where the most damage occurs.

We match product systems and injection methods to ensure that your repair lasts for years to come.

Unreinforced Masonry Repairs
Brickwork can be injected to fill cavities and stabilise the substrate. All brickwork has its own requirements and must be treated accordingly, with the right systems. Matching injection materials to the brickwork and building substance ensures the integration of different chemical and physical properties.

A flexible, lightweight FRP system may also be used to confine existing substrates

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