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About Mainmark

Mainmark is a global leader, with local expertise in ground engineering and asset preservation. We are dedicated in providing innovative solutions for site-specific challenges across various sectors.


Mainmark has delivered ground engineering solutions to New Zealand businesses. Capitalising on this expertise, our latest range of innovative products and advanced solutions provide remediation of assets and structures across the commercial sector. Mainmark offers advanced, site-specific solutions for revitalising, sealing, protecting and structurally reinforcing ageing or damaged buildings and infrastructure, including tunnels, shafts and basements impacted by weak ground and water ingress.

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Our ground improvement and level correction methods can address foundation subsidence and are effective for helping to fix cracks in walls or re-level sunken floors in Kiwi homes of any size. Our solutions are also used for slab-lifting foundation slabs and large driveways.

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Mainmark’s specialised
in-house solutions

Ground Improvement

Ground improvement modifies a soil’s properties, improving its load bearing capacity or resilience against liquefaction.


We re-level buildings that have experienced subsidence, settlement, or other structural issues leading to uneven floors and foundation cracks.

Void Filling

Comprehensive void filling solutions for diverse market sectors, using specialised chemical or cementitious grouts.

Slab Lifting

Our non-invasive and cost-effective solution is a safe way of re-levelling concrete slabs with soil settlement or subsidence problems.

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Partnership Testimonial

Achieving 100% NBS with Mainmark’s Resin Injection

Learn how Mainmark and AMP Capital worked together to enhance building resilience and structural stability.

In this insightful interview with Brett Christie, AMP Capital Development Manager, discover how Mainmark’s Resin Injection played a crucial role in achieving 100% NBS (New Building Standard) after the 2010/2011 Canterbury Earthquakes. Explore the innovative solution for liquefaction mitigation as part of a multi-solution relevel and seismic upgrade.

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