Keyhole surgery for your home. Our non-invasive technologies are designed for injection at the greatest point of impact to raise, re-level and re-support sunken homes with less mess, less disruption and less cost. Fill in the form on the right to book a FREE site inspection.

Mainmark has raised, re-levelled and re-supported houses and buildings for over 25 years, delivering successful solutions to thousands of residential homes and hundreds of non-residential projects internationally, including Australia, New Zealand, Japan and UK.

Sinking floors, paths and driveways, cracked walls, jamming doors and windows can all be indicators of structural damage. Causes are various and include; building subsidence, bearing on unstable or weak ground, a broken pipe causing erosion, moisture changes in clay soil, and earthquake liquefaction. Our solutions are cutting edge and the modern answer to the traditional way to underpin; it is like keyhole surgery compared to concrete underpinning. Our alternatives to underpinning are not just for concrete slab floors. We can underpin, raise and re-level strip footings and raft slabs, plus we can infill slabs and driveways. We are experienced in a number of ground engineering techniques – including, in the past Uretek, now our proprietary Teretek engineered resin solution and JOG Computer Controlled Grouting – all non-invasive methods that are cost and time efficient.

What information do I need during a site inspection?

For the site inspection to be conducted quickly and smoothly, it would be useful if you can have some of the following information available for the affected property:

  • Site photos and drawings
  • Engineers or builders report
  • Are there any wall cracks internally/externally?
  • Doors and/or windows jamming?
  • Details of the wall cladding type (brick veneer, timber weatherboard, plaster, concrete etc.)
  • Are there existing internal/external piles?
  • Is the foundation concrete?

To help you discover if the cracks in walls around you home could be due to subsidence, we’ve developed this handy tool. Visit our crack gauge page to download our FREE crack gauge and start measuring and monitoring the wall cracks around your home now!

Print-at-home crack gauge



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Cost effective – no hidden fees or extra costs

Non-invasive – our process involves keyhole surgery, hence no major excavations

Resident friendly – work is carried out with minimal disruption, in most cases you won’t even need to move out!

Time efficient – on average we can get your home back to level in little as a day or within 1 – 2 weeks depending on the technologies we utilise

Worry-free – all our products and services are consentable and come backed up with a 50-year product warranty for added peace of mind

Accurate – using state of the art technology our qualified technicians can get the level accuracy to within millimetres

Reputable – our specialised methods have been mastered for over 25 years with thousands of satisfied customers

“Just wanted to provide some feedback on the team doing the house lift here last week.

They were courteous and respectful, went about their work with a great deal of professionalism, and were very approachable. As the homeowner looking for a successful outcome their way of working made me very glad to have them on site. G__ in particular did an incredible job leading the team and engaging with me during the day as I had questions or we needed to make decisions about next steps in the process.

Couldn’t recommend the team more highly – please feel free to pass on to whoever is up the chain so they know how very happy I was to have had them here.”

Guido, Island Bay, Wellington, NZ. February 2021

“Your Mainmark 3 employees completed our job this morning. We are astounded at the wonderful results they have achieved. Realignment and lifting the garage floor to perfection to be seen to be believed. Your 3 employees were delightful and we enjoyed them working for us. We would like to compliment on their pleasant and very polite dispositions as us seniors watched with interest. Please thank them for their kindness and understanding and admirable work ethics. We really appreciated them on the job. Many thanks to your whole team for a great job well done from start to finish. Christmas Greetings to you all.”

Jocelyn, Palmerston North, NZ. December 2020

“Mainmark offered a lightweight
solution that was ideal for this project as it was able
to be pumped directly into the underground void in a
timely manner with no disruptions to construction. We
were also impressed with their level of experience and
service throughout the project.”

Stephen, Auckland, NZ. January 2020

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