Technical Assessments

Mainmark draws on a wide range of mechanical and professional services to provide expert assessment of sites where weak ground strength is suspected of causing issues for construction.

Mainmark uses modern, portable Dynamic Cone Penetrometer (DCP) testing to check soil strengths to a depth of at least 15m. Our DCP reports will help you decide on the next stage of remediation at a site.

Our Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) will allow fast assessment of large areas such as car parks, airports and highways and speed repair at these facilities.

We us sonic drilling equipment to investigate soil to depths in excess of 50m and take soil samples at any depth in between for laboratory analysis.

Our Trimble monitoring equipment can track surface movement over any given period, from one day to one year – AND you get the outcome “live” on your phone instantly, any time, any day, any place.

Our dedicated professional team works closely with professors from several universities in South Asia to ensure that we provide the best, most cost effective advice at all times.



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