Deep Soil Strengthening

This process is the answer when the soil is not stable at depth, or when soils are mobile.

Soils such as Black Cotton soils and Reactive Clays respond to this treatment as well as sands and silts.

Remediation begins with a soil investigation using a Dynamic Cone Penetrometer. The DCP machine identifies areas of weakness, allowing Mainmark to drill to the identified weak area and inject one of our patented resins, thus strengthening the soil.

In cases where the soil is particularly weak, where there is a heavy, perhaps dynamic load, or where there has been voiding caused by rotting vegetation or broken pipes, the injection process may be repeated a number of times, until DCP tests show that the bearing pressure being sought has been achieved.

Once the bearing pressure in the soil equalises with the weight of whatever is on top, then lift occurs. Typically, lift is monitored using our fine beam laser levels, allowing us to monitor lift in increments of 1/100th of an mm.




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