Concrete Slab Lifting

Our slab lift technology is carried out by injecting structural geo-polymeric resin below the concrete slab. The material aggressively looks for voids and loose soil filling up voids by expansion, re-establishing and confirming structural support. Work is FastEffectiveNo Mess and requires No Downtime.

The rate of lift is carefully monitored by laser and computer levels to ensure a precise and gentle lift.

The material cures immediately and the repaired area is trafficable within 30 minutes. Our resin is environmentally inert and long-lasting

We use this method to re-level:

  • Concrete Roads
  • Concrete Driveways
  • Factory Floors
  • Embedded Railways
  • Houses
  • Office Blocks
  • Mining Equipment
  • Warehouses and have lifted/re-levelled concrete more than 1.2m thick.


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