Our engineered resin injection solution has many key advantages over some older traditional ground improvement and underpinning solutions:

Safe, Effective, Fast and Economical

Our solution has proven to be Safe, Effective, Fast and Economical in various applications from industrial, commercial and residential projects including roads, airport runways, seaports, rail and mining.

Mainmark Malaysia’s methods are capable of raising, re-levelling and re-supporting sunken structures back to original or desired levels.

Trip Hazards Avoided

The treated area is trafficable as soon as the process is completed.
In residential situations, occupants of the property do not need to move out while works are being carried out.
Our methods allow each problem area to be treated in a very precise way by our highly trained technicians to avoid interruptions to commercial or industrial activities.

No Downtime Required

No removals of machinery, fixtures or fittings are required prior to commencing work.

Time and Money Saved

In civil applications, road repairs can be carried out one lane at a time.

Limiting Disruption to Traffic

Where material used in traditional solutions can fracture under impact, our resin is ductile.

Absorbs Shocks

Our structural resins can also be injected for sealing underground water fissures, along canals or waterways, seawalls and culverts. The resin is environmentally-inert.



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