The foundation of a structure is the most important part because it bears the weight of the building. No matter how lovely the above ground structure is, if the foundation is not right, there will be on-going problems, which if not attended to, will often lead to a total re-build.

Why does the home or the building settle into the ground?

Buildings settle because the soil under them is not strong enough. Sometimes the soil was never strengthened before constructions, sometimes a tree root or a pest such as rodents undermine the foundation. Most usually the culprit is water, either ground water or rain water.

Our Micropile System

We can inject specially designed Micropiles into the ground below your foundations to re-support the foundation. This work is especially effective for 1-2 storey houses and factories.

Properties of the Micropile

  • Can work in a limited space
  • Insertion is not noisy and there is no vibration to the surrounding area
  • Can be installed close to a wall at home
  • Installation is quick
  • Is immediately effective
  • Is cost effective


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