We solve problems at Seaports

  • Raise and re-level docks, warehouses, weirs, shipyards, sea bridges, and roads with JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting and Mainmark’s exclusive resin injection system, easily working around normal operational requirements
  • Repair and revitalise ageing seawalls, piers, wharves, tanks, and concrete walls with ENCAP6
  • Remedy coastal and soil erosion and strengthen ground before seaport construction with Permeation Grouting
  • Stabilise lose or weak foundation ground with Jet Grouting
  • Fill voids, decommissioned pipelines and culverts, and abandoned structures beneath seaport infrastructure with Terefil for increased stability
  • Rehabilitate concrete roads, pads, wharf floors, and sea bridges with Ultra-Panels

The soil under docks is often wet or compressed from heavy use. As a result, the concrete panels on the top of such soils become uneven. Uneven concrete panels get damaged very quickly necessitating early replacement. Apart from being wasteful of port infrastructure, in a busy port, the process of concrete slab replacement can hinder operations and slow productivity.

Mainmark’s method of slab re-levelling ensures that concrete slabs are re-levelled promptly and permanently. Uretek uses laser levelling to ensure that slabs are perfectly matched – and perfectly supported. Pavements are then able to deliver their full service life.

A set of four slabs usually takes less than a day to re-level. Port operations can continue around our operations team, and the work area can be used as soon as we have left.

Fill Voids

Mainmark’s void fillers are used to close off unwanted spaces, fill disused pipes and culverts, preserve historic areas for future generations, exclude vermin and to replace washed out fines in seawall.



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