Mainmark is the expert when it comes to re-levelling and rehabilitating roads. Backed by more than 20 years experience across the Asia Pacific, we offer a full suite of proven ground engineering and asset preservation technologies.

As road infrastructure ages, it becomes more susceptible to damage caused by the increasingly heavier loads of cars and trucks. Repeated and intense mechanical vibrations, coupled with heavy rains or poor drainage, can cause the ground under roads to weaken. The resulting voids and subsidence can cause costly and dangerous damage.

Sunken roads can be unsafe to drive on. Mainmark raises, re-supports, and rehabilitates sunken and ageing roads and infrastructure quickly and economically. In many cases, work can be completed around vehicle traffic, minimising down time.

Our void fill, grouting, resin injection, and corrosion protection technologies are strong, stable, and long-lasting. They are environmentally inert and are often immediately trafficable. Mainmark repairs suburban roads, major freeways, motorways and carriageways, road anchors, bridge approaches and abutments, tunnels, junctions, underpasses, interchanges, bridges, tunnel slabs, level crossings, weighbridges, and driveways.

Our services include:

Field Testing

We are equipped to test ground strength to depth. We can also carry out soil tests and locate water sources. We have our own Sonic Drills, GPR and Trimble equipment which along with our lasers and DCP testing equipment allow us to monitor, analyse, and describe problems and prescribe solutions. We can help prioritise pavement repair.

Sub-surface Voids

Our experienced engineers can identify and eliminate sub-surface voids. Usually caused by water, these are the #1 enemy of pavement whether hard or flexible. Mainmark has multiple solutions depending on the individual case. Many voids are injected with a fast setting structural resin which can improve SBC by 500% or more. Alternatives are our specialist Terefil foam concrete and perhaps even our Micro Pile or concrete piling solutions.

Pavement Re-levelling

Concrete slabs can be quickly brought back to grade when Mainmark injects a purpose built expanding structural resin under the slab to fill voids, re-support the slab, and lift it back to grade. This work is fast, depending on the problems encountered, and can often be completed overnight. Slower setting foam concretes are also available for this task depending on the specific problem.

Hinge Slabs

Mainmark re-levels and lifts hinge slabs back to grade, filling voids and strengthening sub-base. The job is done quickly, often in a single application overnight.

Water Control

Mainmark can review your water plan and inspect for water related issues. It is not unusual to find soil pipes leading under roads, or to find water travelling quite long distances though layers in the paving. We can help find the sources of these problems and resolve them before pavement breaks or delaminates.

Flexible Pavement/Punching.

Got a location that keeps sinking no matter how many times you repair it? Chances are you have soft ground in the vicinity and again Mainmark can apply its know how and technology to resolve the issue quickly and permanently.

Concrete Slab Repair.

Mainmark is adept at resolving the many issues that confront the owner of concrete pavement. These include:

  • Corner cracking. Usually caused by broken expansion joints, these corner cracks usually indicate voiding under the 3 adjacent slabs as well. Mainmark injects an expanding structural resin under these locations to re-support and re-level, and then fills the crack and repairs the expansion joint to ensure the problem does not re-occur.
  • Re-support. Where Concrete has been subject to flooding, a minor change in the support base can take place which if not resolved immediately, will result in significant damage in years to come. Mainmark’s solution again is to provide a continuous support base to the concrete using a structural resin specially developed for the purpose.
  • Crack Repair. Filling a crack is rarely sufficient. We need to understand the reason for the crack and to treat the cause as well as the symptom. Mainmark calls this “dentistry for concrete”. If the crack has occurred because of weak support, we firstly re-support the slab, and then like a dentist, we cut out the bad concrete and fill it with an appropriate elastomeric compound.
  • Expansion Joints. We have 2 methods of repair available for expansion joints. One is more traditional, where we cut out the old joint and replace it with backer rod and an Elastomeric compound. The second is to use Delastic from DS Brown in the United States. This product provides a very fast and neat solution for Expansion Joint repair.
  • Edge and Spalling Repairs. Again the key to a good repair is to identify the causes and resolve them before applying Mainmark’s “dentistry”. We have repaired many problem locations including edge repairs at touch down with long term success.

Fast Slab Replacement

In some locations, replacement of a slab is required, but if the location is critical, eg at an exit taxiway on a single runway or in a high traffic zone, Mainmark can make new slabs away from the site, and then in around 7 hours take out the old slabs and replace with the new. In a second 7 hour period, the new slabs can be precision levelled and stitched into the surrounding pavement.

Greenfield Solutions

We can speed delivery of new infrastructure by offering faster methods of pre-strengthening soil for buildings and runways.

Culvert Maintenance

Mainmark re-supports and eliminates voids under culverts which otherwise can lead to them being washed out during flooding.

Pavement Maintenance Software

Mainmark offers JAGPMS, pavement maintenance software, designed to record works by location. The software includes an App which allows the pavement manager to record photos of subject locations over a period of years. In conjunction with this we also offer the Trimble system, which precisely live monitors pavement movement in nominated locations and provides a 24/7 record of activity at the nominated locations.



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